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hi, don't know where else to post this, Can someone tell me the signs of a cat being in labor??? I have two cats, both female, one being very pregnant, the other who is a few years older will not leave her side today, she is meowing and constantly next to her, ive never seen such a thing, shes like being a midwife or something, should i seperate them and not allow her to do this? And the pregnant one had diarrhea this morning, is that normal during pregnancy or labor, or is it a sign of labor?? Thanks!!
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The best way to tell if she's in labor is to keep an eye on her. Also, I would put her in a single room so that you know where she is all the time. She will probably start to get a little restless, not eat as much and sleep alot. You can also tell when they are close because they have contractions just like people do. She may also start to nest by fluffing or digging in blankets.
If the 2 of them get along well, I wouldn't seperate them. Sometimes the extra comfort helps. Runny stool isn't really an indication of labor, usually just a part of all the hormones.
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Thank you She usually stays in the kitchen, but now that my nephew and son are up shes staying in my room. I'm pretty sure shes in labor, she will ALWAYS come to me.. i just have to say her name.. and now she wont even get up! She'll just give me this little meow.. so im watching her, but just leaving her alone! thanks!!!!
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