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Baby Mice

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Here are pictures of my babies!!

I have a couple of satins which I am proud about!!!
You cannot get satin mice here!!!
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Awww Look at those gorgeous babies!
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oooooooooooooo sweet 'iddle mousies
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ohhh a mouce-a-holic!
yay im not the only crazy mouse lady!
mine SHOULD give birth soon, but starting too think my male may be infertile!
i looove your little PEW's!
i have a satin fawn, she should produced some stunning beebies!
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Awwww! They are precious!!!

What are satin mice???
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OMG!! Total cuteness!!
I too have no clue what satin means??
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Awwww, they are adorable!!
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Aww they're adorable! I love mice, my 2½yr old niece has a little longhaired blue mouse with red eyes called Henry. He is soooooo adorable and so sweet, if you hold him in the palm of your hand and pet him he rolls onto his side and goes to sleep. I have 9 rats so can't have anymore littled caged creatures, but I'd love to have a couple mice in the future.
Are you a breeder or did you buy a mouse who ended up being pregnant?
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This was an accidental litter.
But I did used to breed fancy mice a few yrs ago.I never ever had a satin before,so I am excited.I had foxes,tans,longhairs...etc.

A satin mouse has a really shiny,shimmery coat.If you look,you can see two of the white ones shimmer.They are the satins.
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How cute! I breed gerbils, and as they are relatively new to the domestic pet world, there aren't nearly as many genetic mutations as in mice! I look foward to the day I see a "satin gerbil!"
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Awwww! They are so cute!
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i love your babies!
our girls have started having them today we have 2 so far
i have a satin fawn but i want long hairs
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