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One more inch and Im going to lose it!!

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Today it was all nice, calm, and decent out, then 1pm hits and snow comes in heaps and bounds! Right now we have well over a foot, and since there wasn't a single flake this morning Im losing it!! Why can't it be spring??? Is that too much to ask?? We go from no snow to over a foot in just a short time!! So bad that we had to get the four wheel drives out!! Car accidents, fatalities, buissnesses closed, STRANDED!! You can't go anywhere in this crud and its driving me crazy! I tried to go out today, the first time I went out I saw a car accident so I stop to see if anyone needs help and to see if they need the police, everyone was fine so I started to leave, right then I get cherries lit up behind me!! I couldn't believe it! There was an accident right there and he drives past it and pulls me over!! He gets out of his car and starts to come over to mine and I roll down my window and am like "theres a car accident right there ya know" He then runs back to his car and flips around and heads to the car accident mumbling that he thought I was part of it and driving away from the scene! GGGRRR!!!
Then I go out again and you cant drive anywhere, and even if you could, there is no place open! I hope ya dont run out of milk cuz you aren't getting any in Watertown South Dakota tonight!!!

*rant over*
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It's the same storm here in Nebraska. The trucks are crashing on I-80. I called into work yesterday when the storm watch warnings were on the news. You have to call in 12 hrs in advance at my work for it not to count against you. Had I have got up this morning and called I would have got an incident. I refuse to get wiped out by a semi truck on I-80 in a snow storm. I have to travel 40 miles one way to work.
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Ohh that would stink!! I wouldn't want to get an incident report either!
How much snow do you have now???
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I now have part of my perfectly trimmed pine tree on my front deck!! ARRGGG!!! I can't take this anymore!!! South Dakota is famous for its snow, I know, but normally right now the flowers are starting to bloom, and the leaves are starting to grow back, and the grass is turning green again! All that good stuff was happening and now this!! And the poor birds that laid their eggs already and some of those eggs wont make it!! Makes me so mad at myself too, I saw a calico the other day, looked well fed and everything so I left it there, thinking with spring here it can hunt and stuff if its not someones cat! Not the poor thing could be out there freezing!! If I would have brought it home, BooBoo would have kicked her butt, and never excepted her, but then my DH would have killed me too!! He doesn't do the female cat thing because the last one we had, was very hard when she passed! He cried... We all cried. So now Im banned to just males!! Oh snow just go away and leave us alone!! My lights are flickering... I dont think we'll lose power though... we dont usually lose it in town, but I bet my dad is sitting out there with the wood burning stove going right now!! Stupid snow... gonna kill off everything that had just started to grow!!
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Well theres alot of snow now... It stopped for all of an hour and now its picked back up again! My daughters program that was suppose to be tonight is now canceled, theres only one store open, you have to have a plow pickup to get anywhere and we have some close to 2 ft of snow!! Is this ever going to end??
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We got about 6 inches in my town. i can't believe that it was in the 60's one week and now winter again. My body is still in shock!

You got 2 feet of snow? OMG I hate snow! I can't wait till this is over. But then we start up with Tornado season next.
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I appreciate you taking all the snow! (Trying to make you feel better)

You can come stay at my house until it's melted again. We had that last week, on Monday I think. A ton of snow. It's spring fro crying out loud!!
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And that's why I live in the south. 2 ft of snow in April and I was gone. Honestly, hope it clears up soon, at least it shouldn't be around too long.
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I know!! What the heck!! Yeah, theres at LEAST 2 ft of snow out there! Its insane!! Ya can't even get sick today either!! The Dr.s are closed as well! Whats next, the fire department gonna take the day off??? They couldn't do that, their too much of adrenaline junkies!!

I dont mind tornado season, you just make sure you basements is well prepared, know where all the fall out shelters are and make a plan! We have our basement fully stocked, and know exactly what to do if it happens and we're not home!!
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You sound very happy about the snow at least it will make pretty pictures?
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Ahh, happy no... I will deal though... its snowing again though! I would really like it to stop, but the whether dude says that next week its suppose to be 65*F! I hope so!! I hafta feed the bunnies today too... its too cold not too! They dont have anything to munch on so I got them some celery, tomato's, and other fresh vegtables... The ends of stuff, and the stuff you dont eat or whatever, but they love it. I have to feed them because last year my neighbor almost ran them all over on accident when mowing the lawn so we agreed to help save the bunnys, made them a nest and stuff under a shed! I love them in my back yard! I would like them better if I could see them through the snow!
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The snow hasn't started here yet but over 1.5 inches of rain which if was snow would be 18 inches!! We are supposed to get sleet later tonite then turn to snow tomorrow buts its going to be the heavy wet stuff.

The creek that is about 400 ft or so from my house has a flood watch on for about 20 minutes north of my position. Its high by me too but the land to the west of us is much lower-my neighbor's pond will be flooded by tomorrow morning for sure and the water is creeping towards her barn (she doesn't farm any more though)

When we drove to pick up the lumber tonite lots of farm fields have sections under water. Many ditches are pretty full too.
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Snowing here now.
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Breathe... No one will suffer for a night of no milk.

If you still have power you're doing well...

A lot of NE is out tonight...
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Yeah, the only ones that suffer are the babies without milk though! We made it through the night and the stores opened back up and all is well! Its still snowing, but since the roads are plowed its allllll goooooddd!!
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Im sorry nat!! I didn't mean to jinx you!!
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DARN ya all took my broke a 100yr snow record .... sunday in the high 60's and then the 40's next week.. ANYONE for global warming??
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Your thread title is my diet motto.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
Your thread title is my diet motto.
That's funny!

I feel your frustration, Glitch. Just listening to you rant reminds me just WHY I stay in Texas!

My son (who still lives in Wisconsin) was telling me the other day that it was warm enough outside to be able to drive his motorcycle to work. When his shift was over, the temps had dropped drastically, and there was a cold rain to boot: he froze his butt off going back home. I told him he could always move down here and buy the place that's for sale in back of us, where he could also ride his motorcycle 9-10 months out of the year. But he won't do it..

I'm as sooooo glad I don't have to deal with that anymore!

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Yeah, one minute it was beautiful, the next it was raining, then freezing rain, then snow, and then 2 ft of snow!! Some of it melted today though which is great, and the roads, well the streets at least are cleaned of snow!! They'll do the avenues tomarrow so that'll be great! Its just so weird, the day before all the snow our temp was in the 60*s!! Farenheit that is! So one minute it was beautiful and the next it was ugly!! Thank godd thats suppose to be our last snow storm! I can't wait for thunderstorm whether!! I love summer time showers! I remember back in the day when it use to rain all month in April... what happened to that?? I was always told that april showers bring may flowers! Now its like, June Showers Bring July's Flowers!! Last year school was out and we still didn't have leaves on our tree's and that was the end of may!
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We just had 72 degrees here in NYC............It has been beautiful weather the past few days, and I have to admit I am burnt to a crisp! Very bad, painful sunburn on my neck, face, ears, and shoulders! I just started a new job working at a nursery, Liberty Sunset Garden Center, and have been outside, sizzling! Should have used sunblock!!!!!!
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