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Did anyone watch Nashville Star last night?

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Since I'm a country music fan, I enjoyed watching Nashville Star last night on USA. It's a lot like American Idol, but not as exciting. I was hoping they'd have a judge like Simon (even though sometimes he is just too MEAN!). They had 12 contestants and they eliminate one person every show. They had some really good singers, but there were a few that I thought should have been embarrassed for getting up there. One gal sang an Elvis song and botched it bigtime! Plus she was wearing this outfit that barely covered what should have been covered! There was another gal who sang a Patsy Cline song and was absolutely wonderful! It gave me chills...and I don't even like Patsy Cline music!

Just wondering if anyone else watched it...or was I the only one who put myself through that?LOL!
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i watched it off and on, not enough to know who the players were, but enough to get an idea of what the show was. the guy with the harmonica was pretty good, i thought.

one judge made a comment that had me rolling... "you've got a great voice, but please quit yelling at me." the singer had just done a jodee messina song and she sounded pretty good, but she was kind of yelling it... :LOL:
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Shoot! I must have missed that one!

Did you hear the comments from the Patsy Cline gal? Something about how she couldn't put her feet behind her ears...sorry can't remember all the details. It cracked me up...mainly because it embarrassed the judge so much.
I agree about the guy with the harmonica...he was very good! I think he'd look a little better if he'd cut his hair...but that's just my opinion.
I think I'm going to watch the next episode and see if it gets any better. Since it was the first show, I'm sure there were bugs they'll have to work out.
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i wonder if the feet behind the ears comment came from the fact that one of the contestants is a contortionist of sorts. did you see on the commercial where she was on the floor with her legs behind her head!? what does THAT have to do with being a country singer? :LOL:
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the "yelling" comment from the judge was on yesterday afternnon. was there two episodes on yesterday or was it the same one?

(i am a really bad channel surfer. can you tell? )
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I tuned in on the show about 15 minutes late...so the contortionist thing was probably on before I tuned in. As for the different times and episodes...I'm thinking that it was the same one, but I could be wrong. I watched the show around 10 pm...so I'm assuming it was the last showing of that episode.
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