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Cat Urine in Cars--- how to treat?

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i brought my cat to the store with me (petco) and then i stopped at a friends house to drop some things off.
i guess i took too long because my cat soiled my car seat.

i don't believe in cat carriers- does that make me weird??

anywhooo i stopped off and picked up some urine off and sprayed it on the seat, left my car windows down and prayed that it would work...

was this the right thing to do/use or is there a quicker alternative to clearing this mess??!!

help me!! :]
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vinegar works like a charm.

if the cat isn't in a carrier, do you at least have it secured somehow to a seat? just in case you got in a car accident so the kitty doesn't go flying out a window or bash into the windshield?
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One of our cats had an accident in our previous car. Several treatments of Nature's Miracle took care of it. We did just like you, soaked it, then left the windows open a bit to let it dry.
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Zero-Odor spray works like a charm as well - sadly, it's only mail order right now, so shipping is pricing, but it really does work great on all sorts of odors.

Also, I'd really think about getting a carrier for all the reasons cited - keeping kitty safe, keeping you safe, keeping kitty in the car no matter what, and, also, most vets will require you to have the cat in a carrier when you come into the office.
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If you can't get the smell out, you could take your car to a detailing shop and have them use an ozone machine on it. That's what I had to do when my Bijou went wee in my car. Worked like a charm.
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I'd try some of the Nature's Miracle spray. Its good for cleaning up urine, vomit, etc. from pets. You can get it online or in Petco stores.

You can do what you want regarding carriers, but I strongly advise you to use one for your cat for your cat's safety and your safety. I'll tell you a true story and you can decide if you want to risk your cat's life in the future by not using a carrier in the car.

Friend of mine was taking her friend to the vet's office with a cat. The friend insisted (against my friend's wishes) of using a carrier. "Oh he's fine, he always rides free in the car - no problem".

The cat was sitting on the owner's lap in the front seat. They were stopped at a light and all of a sudden a fire truck comes down the road, sirens blaring, etc.

The friend's cat who was calm just a minute ago, panicked and screamed and and jumped to get away from the noise. The cat leaped out of the owner's arms and straight into the front window; knocking himself out cold. They were only a few blocks from the vet's office and when they got there the vet could not save the cat from the massive head injury. The cat died.

Had the cat been in a carrier in the back seat of the car the cat would have been alive and well.

Do you still want to not use a carrier in the car?
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If you have a steam cleaner use the hand attachment, works like a charm.
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oh... hahaha

i don't use a carrier instead i use a small dog harness... and safty seat belt type garment... sits like a person... i let him roam the car when i got out of it for a few minutes...

i am currently trying SKUNK OFF for the odor...
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Then why didn't you say he was in a harness. Still think a carrier is the safest way to transport a cat. Even a harness could get him hurt.
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