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You remember 'Old Yeller'? Well, I have 'Old Yowler.'

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At unpredictable times during the day or night he'll start yowling. I swear he must have Siamese blood somewhere in him.

He can't be hungry--I have an automatic feeder that gives him carefully measured food at regular intervals.

He can't be thirsty--I always have plenty of water for him.

He can't be complaining about his litter box needing cleaning; I have a Litter Robot which he uses.

He doesn't seem to want petting--when I try to he runs away or even bites me.

His body language doesn't suggest that he's sick or in pain, and the vet can find nothing wrong.

If I could figure out what was the matter, I'd fix it, but I can't.

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Do you play with him? It sounds as though he may be bored.

Also is he neutered? Intact males will howl for the ladies.
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how old is he? i have known many elderly cats who develope this strange yowling. as you say, there doesn't seem to be any reason for it.

my mums 15 year old cat became a yowler and mum was convinced it meant she was suffering in some way. i told her to check it out with the vet for reassurance. he told her it was basically senility and nothing to worry about. having seen it so often i would agree. didn't help with poor mum being woken several times a night with mitten's yowls though!
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I'm also wondering how old he is. If it hasn't been done, a full blood workup would be a good idea. Older cats can develop thyroid issues. Howling can be a symptom of this.
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He may just want attention. Bijou will sit on the kitchen counter and call out to us. As soon as we respond and go into the kitchen, he'll start purring as soon as we look at him - don't even have to touch him.

Sometimes he'll do it when he wants to play but he'll usually bring his toy and drop it on our foot before he yowls to play.
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Sounds like you have a talker. So do I. They just want to tell you about their day, announce their presence whenever possible, and generally drive you crazy
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Both of mine yowl and they're young, active, healthy and get lots of attention and playtime.

If your cat is neutered and your vet can rule out any medical conditions, then he might just be talking or wanting some attention.
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Is he a lonely cat? Does he have a playmate?
Cats can get lonely sometimes.
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