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Fingers crossed for him.
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I'm so glad Clover doesn't have lymphoma.

It was good that you didn't do the biopsy, though I'm not clear if the vet wanted to do the liver or pancreas. My vets tell me that biopsy of the pancreas is *not* recommended - it's very risky.

Since Clover will be on two antibiotics, you may want to use some probiotics to help out his digestive system.
Do lots of research on prednisone especially since it might be contraindicated for Clover because of his heart murmur.

Have the vets suggested that Clover may have IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) or Triad disease (the pancreas and liver are inflammed, and IBD is present as well)? My vet suspects that my cat who has liver and kidney disease may also have Triad disease or IBD. There's lots of info on those conditions. Just a couple of links:

I know the pain meds can be expensive, but hopefully Clover will only need them a couple of days. Buprenex works very well, and will give his body a chance to heal. Being in pain puts lots of stress on a cat's body, especially a kitty like Clover who is underweight.

Thanks so much for keeping us updated - you obviously have your hands full. I hope it will not be too much of a hardship to get Clover the care he needs.
You've been doing a great job trying to help Clover - he's a lucky boy to have you looking out for him.
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The Vet is right about Pred. I have to use it for Coco sometimes but it can cause Diabetis and alot of other Problems. Coco had metronidizole for Ibd before. She also has bupronex for her arthritis when the pain is bad. It is easy to give and disolves in the gums. Clavamox can give your Cat stomach aches too. Coco had to be taken off it because it made her barf and get bad stomach aches. They give her Cephalexin now instead. I sure hope something helps your Dads Cat. The Meds are expensive and I know thats hard.
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Actually he is being treated for suspected triad disease since the intestines and liver showed some irritation in the ultrasound, I just couldn't remember what it was when I wrote the first messages since she emphasized the pancreatitis.

I'm still really concerned about the paw. When we went in on Sunday a different vet was there and she thought they would have to amputate a couple toes. She said it so non-chalant that I was a bit put off. Now I'm sort of thinking she is not so off base, there is just no improvement. I'm starting to wonder if he got bitten by something poisonous or something. The paw is causing a mystery because it seems unrelated to the other issues and the fact that two toes are implicated is very unusual according to the vets (one toe would make more sense in the case of an injury). Of course amputation requires anesthesia and more money so I hope something kicks in to help that paw.

When they first put him on clavamox they did want to watch for throwing up but he was fine so they decided to continue with the clavamox.

Overall I think he is much improved! Though he has gone from being constipated to now having diarrhea. Yesterday I came home to find he had leaked all over his rear end and had gotten it on my sheets and bed spread, his bedding and on the floor. So I had to do some emergency laundry. I also had to clean him up which he wasn't happy about. It looks like last night he went to the box and had a bm there but it looks like some of it stuck to his fur (he's long haired) so I had to do another butt wash this morning. I think he could really use a potty-cut but again...more money.

Last night he actually went to the front door and scratched! Of course that lasted all of a minute and then he was over it. But the fact that he showed interest is amazing. He also came out and greeted me when I got home. He ate a whole can of wet food yesterday (force-fed) but the last two nights I've heard him chomping away on dry food, I think the appetite stimulant is finally kicking in and the prednisone should be kicking in today. He probably does eat while I'm gone during the day too so I really think he's getting plenty of nutrition. I feel like most of the time he is mad at me for shoving pills down his throat and making him eat...but at least the assist-feeding is getting easier and I'm getting a rhythm down with it. He doesn't seem to mind much and swallows probably 90% of the food (most of what he doesn't swallow is from me putting in to much or not giving it to him quite right). So I do think we are seeing improvement. I'm giving him the last dose of bupronex this morning and I just hope that was enough to get the ball rolling. I want to keep giving it to him! Its really hard. I just hope the improvement is real and not just dependent on the medications.

I've got another phone interview in 10 minutes... I'm starting to get nervous!
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My senior cat is having similar problems to what you mentioned in your first post... We still don't know the cause though. She is also about 14 and she just stopped eating at one point several months ago. The vet put her on antibiotics and an appetite stimulant and she started eating again but was still losing weight. She was also a little dehydrated so they had us give her sub-q fluids for a while... Her bloodwork was all normal but slightly elevated (not abnormally) kidney values. She still hadn't been eating a lot (but was eating) and kept losing weight. She went from 13 pounds to currently 9 1/2 pounds according to our vet visit yesterday. That may not seem underweight, but she is a large big-boned cat and our vet had said in the past that 12-13 pounds was her ideal weight (she was overweight and 16 pounds when we adopted her several years ago...)
Earlier this week she started gagging once in a while like she was tasting something bad, and was sounding hoarse. We went to the vet yesterday and they took more blood and said she might have a gastric ulcer and put her on medication for that and told us to give her Pepcid as well...
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Its so hard to see our kitties go through stuff like this .

He looks like he is doing pretty good today.
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I'm going through something similar with Mia. She is down to 8.5 pounds. An ultrasound indicate a thickening in the intestines....IBD or lymphoma the vet said is most likely the cause. We have her on prednisone and she is perkier and showing an interest in food. I guess only time will tell. It's really bothering me as she will only be 7 in July. I can relate to all of you.
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Well my vet just told me the results of Sneaker's blood test. The kidney values which were a little high on the last blood test have gone back down to normal, and everything else was normal. So basically we still don't know for sure what is up!
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One thing I'm really worried about is...well... will the improvement only last as long as the meds? I really am not sure if I put down 1cup of dry food for him last night or 1/2 cup of dry food. I measured it tonight and if I put down 1cup then he would have eaten 2/3cup!!! On top of this I'm feeding him a whole can of hills a/d. Ok so for my own record tonight I put down 1cup so if he does it again then I will know for sure what I did.

The other thing is I have a feeling he would be doing even better if his paw didn't bother him so. He's in a LOT of pain with that paw. I'm not seeing any reduction in size of the swollen toes. If its a tumor or something along those lines they will need to amputate and that requires anasthesia which is risky. I'm so uncertain of how to proceed. I'll talk to the vet but my dad is not going to want to spend $600 to amputate 2 toes (ok not sure yet what the cost is) when we don't even know if he is out of the woods yet with the triad disease. Oooooh poor boy . I keep wondering if I'm doing the right thing. He really does seem to be in better spirits though...if only some miracle would happen and the toes would start responding to the antibiotics!
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Well the time has come .. This has been one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make but we have decided to put Clover down. I'll be taking him in Sunday afternoon so I will have one more night with him. This has been so difficult, I've never had to put an animal down before . I just think its better for him. Seeing him when he was on the bupronex and now when he is off again makes me realize how much pain he is really in. I'm almost certain the paw is cancerous. The vet consulted with an oncologist and they felt it was highly likely that he has a type of cancer in the lungs that can show up in the toes. We could do extensive tests to confirm this. If his lungs were clear then we would be looking at amputating the leg to try to remove as much as possible, but there is no guarantee. There really are multiple things going on here with the pancreaitis and the likely cancer which has the oncologist and vets really confused as they would expect them to be somehow linked but there is no obvious connection. He's almost 15 and its been like a snowball effect with things going wrong. He's been going downhill for a year and we finally came to the decision that this is best for him. He went through some very rough times with me when I was younger and was my companion through it all. I'll miss him .
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So sorry you ahve to do that. I took Pictures of Yoshi the night before he was Pts. The worst part is going to the Vet knowing what you are going for. If you ever need to talk you can Pm me. I just had to have 2 Cats Pts in the last 6 Months.
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I am so sorry.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
I am so sorry.
sending peaceful & to you & yours...
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I am so sorry it has come to this - could you not give him a few more days on the meds so your dad can be with you both? It is such an awful decision to make, and you will both be in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry. It is a hard decision to make but we make it out of love. If Clover is suffering then he no quality of life and that is not what we want for our babies. You will be sad for a long time so allow yourself to grieve and cry as much as you need.
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Aww, man... Send him my snuggles.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
I am so sorry it has come to this - could you not give him a few more days on the meds so your dad can be with you both? It is such an awful decision to make, and you will both be in my thoughts.
Unfortunately my dad won't be home for another 2 weeks. His mom just had quadruple bypass surgery and even though he very much would like to be here, he needs to be elsewhere for right now. He is not much of a pet person but I know he became very attached to Clover. I'm sure he will handle it better than me though.

I have a 3.5 hour interview on Tuesday and the last thing I want to be doing right now is studying. What really sucks is after this today I have to go shopping for something to wear to it . I don't know why things have to happen all at once.

All morning and all last night, I just kept watching him. I did grab a few pictures. I guess I'm trying to soak up as much of him as possible.

Thanks everyone.
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Big for you and Clover
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Honey, you have no idea how sorry I am. I sat there & watched Damita die, many of the same symptoms. Her paws were swollen/hurt, she wouldn't eat, lost weight, no longer played. Breathing when she purred was difficult her last few days.

Reading this thread has ripped that hole in my heart open. I really truly do feel so awful for you, because everything you say is like a mirror of what Damita & I went through.

If you need anything, PM's 2 weeks tomorrow since I lost Damita Mae.

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