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Arms & Hammer litter deodorizer: good?

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anyone has experience with this product? Is it effective? is it necessary if the litter already has "odor control" capability?
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I wouldn't's very heavily perfumed. The best way to keep everything smelling clean is to be very dilligent with the scooping/box cleaning. My boxes get scooped at least twice a day (morning and afternoon) and washed out every 3-4 weeks on a rotating schedule.

I did have a box of the A&H freshener that someone gave me, I used it in the litter locker, but not the actual box. I think you could do the same thing with regular baking soda and not introduce all that fragrance (which a lot of kitties don't like).
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I actually asked about this same product not long ago!
But well I decided to just use regular old baking soda,as it helps eliminate odors too.
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I use regular baking soda if I need to add anything. The Arm & Hammer deodorizer is so perfumey it sets off my allergies.
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If you had asked me 3 mos. ago Iwould have told you that I LOVE it and that I had been using it for years. I think it did keep the smell down some, but it was only because of the massive amount of perfume added to it. If you ask me now then I say don't bother-I found that it made out clumping litter way to dusty, so that when we cleaned the litter boxes we were the ones suffering because the powder just goes everywhere. I would say as long as you are diligent about cleaning them and use a good litter then you can save your money for better things like cat treats and toys!
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I wouldn't mind using A+H if it clumped better. A+H (Multicat) does not clump well at all. When it breaks, I found that to add to the smell. A+H isn't dusty though.

I use Scoop Away. They are more dusty, but if I put the litter into the box gently, it helps deep the dust down. They clump REALLY well and keeps the smell down too. With 3 cats, I clean the litterbox at least once a day... sometimes twice.
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I don't like it. This is the stuff you mix in with your litter right?

It's way too perfume-y. I would rather just mix regular baking soda in with litter.
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I've used it in the past, but regular baking soda did the job just as well, without the perfumes that is..
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I have used it. If I remember correctly, it was originally given to me.
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I use it and love it. I clean fairly regularly and it helps keep odor to a minimum IMO better than regular baking soda.
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We used to use it but the dust just got everywhere and one of our cats started to cough whenever he used the litterbox. We switched to a different litter (called "World's Best" and made from corn) and we haven't had any problems since. We're very impressed with the corn litter! It keeps the smell down better than the Arm & Hammer and it clumps harder as well. Plus there's much less dust.
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