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Hi there,

I have a question that I most likely will have to address with my Vet, but thought one of you is familiar with this. My cat (8 yrs) developed some type of astma, if I can call it that. I know it is not a URI because she did have that about 1 year ago, when I picked her up off the street, almost dead. She was treated then by a Vet and received a clean bill of health. She is no longer going outside. Once in a while she just starts making these noises, to where she has a hard time breathing. I don't know if shes sneezing or coughing, it last for a few seconds and she's fine again. Over the last days it became for frequently. She is fine otherwise, plays and eats like always. Any advise would be highly appreciated.
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This is definitely something to discuss with a vet. It sounds like a hairball to me. Has she regurgitated any hairy masses. You could try some hairball lubricant. But it from the vet, the grocery store stuff is not supposed to be as good. It is like vaseline with flavor. Lubes up her insides, so she can expel it if it is lodged somewhere. You might want to do a search on hairballs.
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You know what, that might be it. I do have 3 cats all together and here and there I find something, but I can't tell from whom it is. She is a long hair cat and she do shed allot. Thanks for your advise.
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Well, if she has long hair, and I don't know your climate, but we are just entering spring and the hair is flying. I try brusing them twice a day, just to keep it down to a foot or so. It is so gross.
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I would still talk with your vet about the potential of it being asthma-there is a slightly different sound between a hiarball and asthma-asthma is more like a goose honk, and hairballs are more like coughing, although at times can sound almost identical. Uno has asthma and we treat him with an inhaler on an as needed basis. Seeing as it is that time of year for shedding, it is most likely a hairball, but it is a good idea to check with your vet-especially is she is getting worse and having a harder time breathing.
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I live in Souther California, and i brush her daily, which she doesn't like too much. When I first took her in she had a severe case of mange and she barely had any hair. Now that a year has almost passed and she is well, all her ahir grew back in. I will have my vet check her, but the hairball thing makes sense. Thanks you guys.
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I am in Modesto and I have a Cat with Asthma. Have the Vet take a Xray. Cocos Asthma has been acting up since the Pollen has come out. She Sneezes and Cougs too. Its not all the time. Her Asthma was out of control about a month ago and she got a Depo Shot. We are talking baout getting a Inhaler because it has less side effects. I have had Cat with Hairballs too.
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I will have to take her in. She is an older kitty and had a ruff live out on theb streets I asume (the shape she was in when I picked her up). I just want her to have a happy live now, even so she cries to go outside, but I won't let her. Thanks for all your replies.
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My Cat with Asthma just turned 16. She has had it for years. If your cat is Allergic be careful of open windows. My husband had the Windows open and the Almond Trees were Blooming. It made Coco Sick. i hope your Cat feels better.
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The goose honk is a good description of the cough for asthma. A cat having an asthma attack will start to cough and the cough is self-perpetuating and gets scratchier and more like a honk as it progresses. Your cat will extend her neck and move her head from side to side.

The only way to diagnose it is with an x-ray and they'll look for inflamation. Then you'll get medicine that you'll have to give her. I have a cat with asthma. The vet gave her a steroid in pet-tinic liquid. She gets a 1cc squirt to control the inflammation on an "as needed" basis. If they give you an inhaler, there's a special cat mask that goes with it.
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You discribed it perfectly, that's it. That is exactaly what it sounds like. Like I mentioned before I picked her up as a stray pretty sick, I have her for almost a year now and she's about 9 by now. Off to the vet we go, thanks.
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Here is a video of a Cat having a Attack. Make sure you get Xrays that is how they can tell if its Asthma for sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkebV2tv_cs
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My Bob is about 7 and has asthma. The vet initally put him on Prednisone pills but we are weaning him off and switching him over to a Flovent inhaler once a day. If indeed your kitty has asthma, there are a few things to consider. One is cost of medication. Prednisone in pill form is cheap (I was paying about $25 for a 2 month supply) and can usually be purchased at the vet's office; the liquid form has to be compounded at a pharmacy and cost a little more. The inhaler is expensive, especially since insurance doesn't cover it - $130 for 120 doses. (I did get a discount of about $15 using my AAA card.) The vet and I decided to go with the inhaler because although Flovent is a steroid it goes into his lungs and not through his system, so he has fewer side effects. Next consideration is how hard do you think it would be to give a pill (which can always be put in food) or use the nebulizer and mask that come with the inhaler. I never thought Bob would take a mask, but he's getting better at it. If nether seem to be a good fit there is a 3rd treatment option - a steroid shot the vet gives- but it might cause diabetes after a while.
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Coco has had the Depo Shot and she has a Lump from it again. We talked about going to a Inhaler. The Vet said its 200 here for it. We also talked about Pred again. She had those before and would spit them out. Her last Shot was in March because her Asthma was bad and she had a bad Cold. Do you like the Inhaler? My Vet will only give the Depo every 6 Months because the side effects that can happen. I sure dont want her to get Diabetis.
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I do like the inhaler. Through trial and error I have gotten adept in wrapping Bob in a towel, getting the mask on quickly and dispensing the spray. I have to admit it's not for everyone. A great site for info on feline asthma is www.fritzthebrave.com - they have videos and pictures on how to use an inhaler and on alternate therapies.

Have you tried to crush a Pred pill in food or put it in a pill pocket or treat? There is a liquid form but it has to be ordered from a pharmacy.
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I have tried it in food before but she spits it out. I have got them down her too. She can not have treats because she is on C/D. i think the Inhaler is the best option because it has less side effects. Is your Cat part Siamese too. The Vet told me alot of Siamese get Asthma.
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Thanks for the clips. I watched several of them and she is not quit doing the same thing. These cats sound like they are horse and can't breath, her breathing is more like she has the sniffels, I can't really explain it. This morning she was fine, and I looked around and found a hairball, I guess I am hoping more that it is that. I have a good friend that is in rescue, I will have her take a look at her as well. Thanks
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It could be hairballs too. Coco dosent always sound like the Cat in the Video when her Asthma acts up.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I have tried it in food before but she spits it out. I have got them down her too. She can not have treats because she is on C/D. i think the Inhaler is the best option because it has less side effects. Is your Cat part Siamese too. The Vet told me alot of Siamese get Asthma.
No, he's a Maine Coon mix. My other MC mix sufferes from hairballs and he coughs somewhat like Bob in an asthma attack but I can tell the difference.
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Of course you'll have to go to the vet, but if it's asthma you might also be able to hear some wheezing occasionally if you put your ear right up to the cat's lungs.
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I did get some stuff for the hairballs, can't recall the name (I am at work). I have a hard time giving it to her. I listen to her kungs yesterday, they sound fine, but she brezzes kinda congested. I will let you guys know once she was seen.
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Now I am really confused and worried. The cat I've been writing about is one out of 3 cats that I have, my other female is 6 years old and my male is going to be 2 this summer. Now all of them doing the same thing. This can't be Asthma, Asthma is not contagious as far as I know. This is really putting me in a bind now, taking 3 cats to the vet, what could be the problem?
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The other Cats can not catch Asthma. Your Cat must have something else.
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Goash, this is just great. The stray had gotten a free bill of health last time I took her in. (She was seen for mange and URI). She was spayed, tested, vaccinated, the whole 9. All of my cats do NOT go outside. I am really stressed out now........
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My Cats do not go out but Meeko got Sick. She had Blood Tests at the vet then ended up with a High Fever. She then gave it to Coco and she had to go to the Vet. Oreo got it but not bad. Sasha never caught it. You can bring germs in from the Vet. Coco just had a terrible Cold with her Asthma acting up that is gone now and she has never been out either. I would take your Cat to the vet and see what it has. It could have Asthma by some chance or Bronchitis.
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I will have too, not knowing what it is I can't let it go on. I will let you know. Thanks for all your advise.
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I did take my cat to the vet and she does have Asthma, we decided to go for the shot and see how she goes with that treatment, so far she is fine. The x/ray also showed that her spine is s shaped and she has athorities, poor ol granny, guess this street life all her life wor her out, well I will ry to offer her a good life from now on, thanksfor all your advise.
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Sounds like my Coco. She has Arthitis too. Did your Cat get the Depo Shot for the Asthma? It used to work real well for Coco. You can Pm me anytime since are Cats have the same Problems. I can help you. Coco has the Arthitis very bad in her Spine and has for a long time. she had the Metacam shot for the Pain. I do not use oral Metacam. Coco has had Asthma for years too.
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The doc. showed me on a pic, the Auth. i not that bad and isn\\t giving her any probles right now. She did get the depo shot that was recommended by the vet. I am gone most of th day, so she cannot use the ihaler herself. The vet said she cannot tell how long the shot will take effect and when she may ned another one, could be soon, coud be a long time from now, we have to wait and see. But the shot seems t make her tired, she sleeps alot now.
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The Shot dosent do that to Coco but she has a lump from the last one. Be careful wih the Shot it can cause Diabetis. My Vet will only give it every 6 months if she needs it. There are other side effects that can happen too. It has helped her alot. The Shot lasts about a Month. Coco is 16 though so thats why her Arthitis is worse then your Cat.
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