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WEll, I am giving up with the urine sample for diabetes - she had a tray with special litter Sun and Mon night, she pooed in it the first night, so I was pleased she would use it, even if she didn't wee all night (not like her), but there was nothing in it yesterday morning, so I was slightly concerned cos it meant she hadn't weed all night. I was moving some stuff in the bathroom last night and found she had used some of my washing instead, so I felt so guilty she had needed the loo but hated the litter so much she found an alternative. Last night I tried an empty tray as the last resort - still empty this morning, so I swapped it straight away rather than waiting till I went to work, and she went straight in it for a wee (admittedly did her usual trick of missing the tray completely!!), so she isn't willing to oblige, and prefers to hold on or find another way of weeing, and as CRF cats are prone to UTI's, I can't risk that with her.This is the second time I have tried getting a urine sample out of her, so obvious she isn't going to oblige!! Will ring the vets today and let them know - they may have an alternative I suppose.
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Things aren't looking good for Rosie, I had to take her to the vets last week cos she was limping on one of her front legs, she now has arthritis in 3 of her 4 legs, but cant' have meds due to her CRF, so on even more limited time than first imagined. She also had her belly checked, and she does have quite a swollen belly, and is gassy again, vet thinks it might be more round her liver area though, she doesn't have any diarrhea, and had a low temp, so is on ab's, but her eating is worse, it takes her so long to decide to eat anything, and hasn't cleared a bowl since Thurs night, I am glad it is cool here so I can leave her wet food down all the time, or she really would have starved by now as it has taken her nearly 10 hours to eat 3/4 pouch, and this is a cat who was eating me out of house and home when she came 3 months ago. She had a really good day on Fri, got to enjoy the sun, and played -s he will still play, but it is the lack of eating that is bothering me, and I am running out of food to try her on, she has had 4 kinds today.
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I'm not happy to hear the latest update. All I can do is send mega Rosie's way.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I'm not happy to hear the latest update. All I can do is send mega Rosie's way.
sending some & myself!
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awww the poor sweet baby i'm glad she has a foster mum who actually cares about her and I hope she has some more better days ahead for her
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Thanks, I am not happy about it at the moment, and really dont know what to do, I just know things aren't looking good. I keep finding her just sitting in the litter tray now, so in that respect she is getting worse. I have given her what she loved to eat when she first came, and she has eaten about half of the half pouch I gave her, and is now sitting blankly in the tray - not trying to do anything,she just sits there, and doesn't move until you touch her to coax her out. This is the second time I have seen her sit there in the last half hour.
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i'm so sorry that rosie is struggling again. it is so hard when you can clearly see that things are getting worse. my rb girl daisy would sit in her tray during the last year of her life, she also had CRF and i swear there is a link there. it's like they know they should be tiddling but are unable too.

sending masses of for rosie and for you at this difficult time.
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That is interesting, I haven't heard of CRF kitties doing that - she did eventually have a poo, so maybe it took her a while to realise why she was sat there.
I got home to take her to the vets, and had a quick scan of the food bowls, she had barely touched the wet food, eaten some of the dry but not touched the water bowl, and it was quite warm in the bathroom. Vet confirmed that she was dehydrated, and did the blood test - her blood was quite thick, so she is suspecting that her kidneys are worsening. REsults should be back around lunch time tomorrow, although they may do them earlier for me, Zi's were back at 11ish. I am really dreading them. She isn't eating much still, and I am running out of ideas to give her, but I have syringed some water into her, and she has been taken outside tonight.
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aww the poor sweetie
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I'm so sorry, sending vibes your way.

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I have spoken to the vet yet again today (that makes every day this week so far, and she is the only one to have seen her and know the full extent of her test results, as I have never posted those either, so the best person for advice), who has said that the meds should make a difference by tomorrow, and if htey dont, she wants to see her again. I have decided that if she is still not drinking by herself tomorrow, and her eating habits haven't improved, then tomorrow will be her final visit, she will have had ab's for the best part of a week then (apart from the one I found spat out, and the day she was sick), and if she still has an infection, I am not being fair to her, as we dont know where this infection is to try and do anything else to treat it. I hope that there is a difference, so we can have some more time, I didn't want to have to go through this again so soon.
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I've just been reading all of your threads and am so sorry that Rosie is so sick, I hope everything will be alright, you have been giving her such good care. My prayers go out to you both.
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Thanks, yesterday she had a good day, so the vet visit was cancelled, but we have had a bad night since I got home, i found some food she liked this mornign, and was all ready to go and get some more, but though I would give her the other half a tin before I did, and she decided she didn't really want to eat, and the amoutn she has weeed today is unbelieveable. I went to check her for dehydration, and she was very annoyed with that, and went for me (fortunately, her teeth aren't sharp at all), and has snapped at the ohter cats tonight. There is also a faint wee smell from her and her bed (I did think I smelt it on her the other day, but the bed was dry, so I thought I was imagining things - she has weed in her bed and slept in it before), and I Think she has got to the stage where she is weeing so much she can't drink enough to keep herself hydrated, nor can she get comfy, as she is sleepig in odd places that she has never bothered with in the 3 months I have had her. Unless things magically improve this weekend, she will be going up on Mon, and if the vet advises it, it will be her final visit, I do feel as though it is time now.
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you know her best. that's such a hard decision, but it sounds like you're making all the right choices for her. sending & that she feel as well as possible!
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You'll know in your heart when it's time, I feel for you. I know what its like. You have done everything in your power to help little Rosie. Your both in my prayers.
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Thanks guys - sadly I know exactly how hard this decision is, it is only 7 months since I last had to do it, and have been there at the end with 2 other animals this year (neither mine, although I got to sign the consent form both times). I wanted to buy her the summer, but it obviously wasnt' meant to be. At least she got the end of her life in a home environment rather than in a rescue though, this is why I take the oldies on.
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I just had to do it twice with younger Cats since Dec. Sorry you have to do it again. I also had to have Stripe Pts from Crf after we tried everything. Its the hardest thing to do.
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