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Stepping Out

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Today was really nice out so I left the door ajar for Kisa May to venture out. She's afraid o fher own shadow so it was quite cute to watch her get out a few steps and see a leaf blow, then dart back inside

Im sure once it gets really nice out she'll venture farther. It's been a long winter so she has to get use to the outdoors all over again. Is anyone else's fur babie getting use to the spring?
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Mine are loving having the windows open and being able to go out on the porch (closely supervised, of course). Peter's usually a very quiet fellow, but he's been running to the porch door for the past week or so and being very vocal about going out.
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We've had a pair of birds return to nest on top of vent on the side of the house. Everyone is plastered to the window watching them flit around.
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Jack is very interested in the outside world--but he has also been told that he's loved too much to go back out there on his own. (I do not mean this against those who chose to allow their cats outside--it just isn't something we practice)

We did open the window and he was very quietly letting the wind blow his fur--while he stood there not so sure if he liked it or not. Bless his heart he's a very curious 8 month old kitten!

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Mine are indoor only so they have to be satisfied with bird watching. They love it.
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Martini is an indoor cat, but the other day it was nice out, and i let her out on my balcony for a little bit (she's never been out there). She was really scared at first but soon she was having a great time watching the birds. I might sit with her out there again today!
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