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kitten with broken back leg..help!

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My 5 month old kitten fell from a very high TV hutch and hit the stool below and broke her back right leg. The vet has put her in a splint (almost like a cast) but she can hardly get around at all. They have given me pain meds to give her as well. I feel so bad for her. My biggest problem is she cant even get to he litter box. She just can't manouver properly. She has been going to the bathroom on the floor, what a mess. And the mess is getting on her. She has been confined to a large bathroom. I just don't know what to do! I have put a bunch of news papers in the bathroom in hopes that she will try to use them when she has to go to the bathroom. Please, I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
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Try a very shallow tin foil pan (about 1/2 inch high) and put litter in there and see if she can get in and out.

One of our barn kittens hurt his leg when a few weeks old. DH put a splint on it and we wrapped it up good. The little boy learned to drag the cast around and get where ever he chose.

It did help that most of the house was tile flooring and slippery - should have seen him scooting around. He managed in about 2 weeks to figure out how to pull himself up over a step (about 3 inches off the ground) and come into the living room.

We didn't think he would ever be able to climb or jump, but he surprised everyone. By the time he was 3-4 months old he could walk on the leg, run, jump and climb!
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oh, your poor baby get yourself some pet or baby wipes to help with the cleaning of her - she'll be more comfy if she's clean.
i think the newspaper floor covering is a good idea - i did that for Firefox before she learned to pee in the litterbox. made cleaning up much faster & easier
i have no other suggestions, tho - just & for you & your baby.
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You might consider asking another vet for his opinion on the whole thing, to be sure it was handled properly.
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17 years ago, I found a kitten in my garage with a broken back leg. It had broken and then REGROWN into that broken position. What the Vet did was re-break the leg (Snickers was put under for the operation) and put a long splint in the bone. The leg had to be immobilized but we're talking kittens here; they do not like to be immobilized!

He actually pushed the splint out through his skin... it was hard to keep him in one spot. We had a VERY shallow litter pan but since he was an only cat and we had a small house back then we didn't have to quarantine him.

Eventually he learned to walk with that splint, learned to use the bathroom.

And the leg healed just fine. He's an old bugger now and the only way you can tell he ever had a broken leg was he limps a bit after sleeping, due to arthritis.

I agree with using wipes to help clean your kit once she's gone to the potty. If she's got a sling or her leg is taped down like my Snickers was, they try like heck to get out of it! And make a mess in the process.

Good luck!
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