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My Night Last Night...

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was an adventure, to say the least! Jess and I got home to find our downstairs neighbor (well, downstairs on the other side... we live on the right side, second floor; they live on the left side, downstairs) outside with rubber gloves on, and a strange black cat in our kitchen window

Well, the downstairs neighbor is our roommate's sister and her fiance (the fiance was the one outside). Apparently, their upstairs neighbor's toilet had overflowed big time (again! It happened once before) and totally wrecked their kitchen. Last time, Celeste had been stuck cleaning the mess, so this time it was Ben's turn. He was outside in gloves, waiting for the kitchen to air out before he tackled cleaning it. Celeste was upstairs in our apartment with her two cats, plus the one she's cat sitting.

Well, back in our apartment later, we're watching Top Chef.... and we notice the police are outside on our porch.

I guess Ben had gone upstairs to talk to them about the damage, and that had started a fight between the neighbors (a woman and her boyfriend)... and I guess it turned into a domestic dispute, and the neighbor got arrested. They fight constantly, so I can't say I was that surprised.

So when Celeste left to go home, she couldn't find one of the cats, Trina. We looked all over, and she couldn't find her... so she went home without her, figuring she'd get her in the morning when she came out.

Well, a few minutes later, Ben comes up to our apartment. I guess he hadn't finished cleaning the kitchen to Celeste's satisfaction, and they'd gotten into an argument. So he wanted to spend the night at our place.

About 1am, I get woken up to the sound of growling and hissing.

Lo and behold, Trina the cat had been hiding under our bed, and she and Sir Pants had decided they don't get along, and were fighting

So I got up and tried to get her out, but I couldn't... so I had to go get Ben, who managed to get her out.

The adventures never end at my place, I guess Poor Ben fell asleep on our couch with the tv on last night. He looked so defeated this morning when I went up to make him breakfast. Sheesh.

I hope today is a little less exciting.
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Goodness, that sounds completely exhauting! Talk about one thing after another
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Too much drama for me.
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That all sounds very complicated and messy. I hope things calm down.
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