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Where would you go?

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If you could go on a vacation anywhere where would you go?
Me, I would go all arould the US,to cat shows,I would like to learn about different breeds.I never knew there was so many different kinds!
See what the cat site does?Teaches!Just like about declawing,I knew nothing about it intill I joined,now I am the one who is telling people all about it![yes I am against it]. So where would you go?
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I've always wanted to take a cruise, up the Nile and see all of the pyramids, temples and Valley of the Kings.

However, being an American with a Jewish last name, I don't believe that I would feel safe in that part of the world.
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I would go visit my penpals in New Zealand.
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I have too many destinations on my vacation list! I would love to visit parts of Africa, New Zealand, and some tropical out of the way places.

Also, I would love to take a couple of months off and trace my ancestry through Scotland, Ireland and Finland. Plus travel across Canada to visit family!

Sorry, but I couldn't pick just one!

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Ireland! I'd love to see where the O'Keefe's came from.
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I would go to Scotland and England to visit my family and surprise Rhea! (Bodlover) I would love to see the beautiful landscape and hear the accents I grew up with. I would also like to see the ruins of Roman roads, baths, and walls. Of course, Stonehenge would be a priority, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and while in the south, would check out Camelot! Rhea would have to take me to some of the castles, including Hollyrood. That would take us far from Leicester, but since this is just for fun, we can go anywhere we want!
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i would also go to ireland. i would visit the 'derry area to see if i could find any of my family's ancestors. i would then travel throughout ireland to see the countryside, galway, and dublin. i would also go to scotland and england, then make my way south through europe.

of course, after that, i would be tempted to meet up with cindy and go with her on that trip through egypt.
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my hubby wouldn't agree...but i really LOVE disney world. That is where i would want to go. I think he would want to go to england.
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Working full time, going to school 3/4 time, and running my Harry the Cat effort ... I'd be happy to go anywhere to forget my responsibilities! But, really, a couple days of solitude at a secluded beach house just sounds so wonderful right now. The sounds of the ocean, the beautiful cliffs and waves, reading on a comfy chair ... fresh fruit in the morning, and fresh seafood for dinner ... relaxing ... peace ... beauty ...
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Las Vegas!
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I want to go everywhere! I would love to go to Spain and Italy (especially Tuscany). I also want to visit Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and other parts of Europe. Also Thailand, I've heard the northern part is beautiful, Australia, New Zealand, safari in Africa. . .

I would also like to go to a nice tropical island like Barbados, Antigua, or Hawaii. In the US, the Grand Canyon, Yosemit National Park, Montana, South Dakota to see the Black Hills, New Orleans, San Diego, Alaska, New England. I would also love to go to Toronto again, and Quebec.

That's all. Oh, did I mention Petra, the big rock city somewhere in the Middle East, I can't remember what country. I would also love to go to Egypt and Israel, I've heard both are beautiful countries.
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I would spend my vacation visiting relatives I usually don't get to see very often. This would give me a chance to make various stops all up and down the west coast, and also enjoy some of the beautiful scenery while I'm there. And I would want to spend at least a week visiting my relatives in L.A. since there are so many fun places we could go to, like :mimouse: Disneyland!!!!!
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I've done a lot of traveling, but one place I really want to see is Japan. I would LOVE to go there!!
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I'd like to see Africa (mostly to go on a wildlife safari), Vienna, and Australia. And at some point, visit a tropical area like Costa Rica or Barbados.

Then I'd go and live in B.C.! LOVE that province!!! (fed up with Quebec and it's looney politics and looooooooooooooooooooooong cold winters!)
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:egypt: Egypt will be it!

i am studying hieroglyphics, and have been reading egyptian culture, history in detail, and am dying to go there!

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I want to see those realy big trees and the giesers. Im easy to please.
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