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Grrr Salvation army

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im NOT impressed with the salvation army....
i have had a mail off them after requesting them for help too find my real dad!

my reply from them was we can only help IF your parents were married
for christs sake if they were married i know where hed be!
so that was a useless venture...

but know im curious as i saw a man in the uniform wondering past our flat slowly glancing about... then as i walked back toward him(wed been out) he sort of looked like he was going too say something but didnt?

how bizarre!

so at the end of it all we had a ripped up letter a still father less daughter and an odd man outside.....

but yet they have helped people find there brothers that they never met?
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I'm sorry you didn't get the response you wanted. The thing about the Salvation Army to remember is that in addition to a social organization like the Red Cross it is also a church. Maybe that's why they're unwilling to help given the circumstances. Or perhaps they needed more info than you could provide (didn't want to do the time-consuming digging themselves) but conveyed that message badly. I wish you luck in your search.
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well a friend has found the adress too my "uncle" and aunty so ill send a letter?
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