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wish me luck!

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hubby and i got tired of waiting for my father in law to let us know about his place, and we heard about an apartment up for rent which is closer to school and work and i need some positive thoughts as we go to look at it this afternoon, that we get it as theres someone else also interested.
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Good luck on the new appt. Hope you get it!
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good luck,postive vibes coming your way!
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Good apartment luck thoughts coming your way, Kellye!
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It's always exciting looking for a new place to live. Good luck!

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I hope it's exactly what you're looking for, Kellye!
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i hope it works out for you!!

(tell them i said you are great people and you definately should get the place!)
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Good luck Kellye!!! Sending positive vibes from Nebraska!!
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good luck!!
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Good luck Kellye!
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My kitties and me sending you positive vibes now!!

Good luck, and hope you get the apartment YOU want...!

Cheers and good day!

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Best of luck Kellye! I hope it turns out the way you want it to!
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GOod luck, I hope you get it.
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Oh Kellye! Hope it goes/went well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of positive thoughts heading your way!

Let's get you out of your appartment and into a better neighborhood!

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Positive vibes coming atcha! Hope it all goes well!
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Ooooo - I hope all went well, and that you guys LOVE it and get it!!!!!

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thanks for your good thoughts, looks as if we are moving in about 2 weeks!
we have to cut off things here etc, as we are moving into the next county. yippee!

thanks once again!
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congratulations, darlin !

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If you're happy, Kellye, that makes us happy! I'm excited for you!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! i'm so glad for you and jake!!

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Yay for you and Jake!!!
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Glad that you found a place to live.. Congrats..
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Just saw this!Woohooo! A new place to call home!

Does this mean you won't be able to go get all your NZ yummies from that store any longer?

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oh crap thanks for reminding me Kass, i guess we will have to take a little drive to get them. LOL
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I'm so glad to hear things are working out!!
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Kellye - glad that worked out for you! 2 Weeks?????- LOL! Just be sure to pack the computer last so you can keep us up to date!

I happy for you!

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YAY!!!!!!!!! I agree with Kim - that's great advice!

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Kellye - you better not abandon us during the movie! Have fun with the move and congrats.
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