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Daily Thread Thurs April 10th!

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Morning Morning!

I feel a little better day is going to resemble a normal day in the life of Nat. Its going to be a balmy 13 degrees today so I can't complain

Michele, I am back! You can dry your tears now

Nothing much goin on today..just work and then maybe some sleep..

Ciao my friends
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Morning!. My best friend Pam's just rang to say her sil in Canada has died suddenly through a burst gall blader. She was only in her 50's. It's probably going to cost them £3000 each for the flight over with it being short notice

Housework night tonight
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How sad Susan! What a tragic way to go

Today is just normal everyday Jenney life. Oooo...I forgot to mention the other day...I paid off one of my credit cards thanks to my tax refunds
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Awww, Susan that is sad news indeed
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Susan, that's a terrible shock for her family.

Well done Jenney on paying off your credit card!

Busy day ahead for me, at least it's decent weather today.
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My sympathies to the family on their sudden loss!!

Good job on paying off a CC!!

Cloudy day with lots of rain coming today and tomorrow.

Working on a grocery list-might try some recipes from some Rachael Ray magazines as I've torn a few out.
Then some other errands and get some gas for the truck as Neil wants to pick up the lumber for our family room project and haul it up north for milling. (oh yay for me!)

Thats about it for today!!
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Sorry to hear about the loss.

Morning All!!!!

Cloudy and a bit on the damp side here this morning.

Going into work a bit late this morning have a meeting late this afternoon so decided to play hooky a bit this morning.

Other then that same old, same old for me as well.

Just home and TV this evening. Guess if I was energetic I could do some chores around the house.....but that seems highly unlikely for tonight..

Kitties are good this morning, Pixie and Sassy are napping and Linus is hanging out with me very much enjoying his time as center of the universe...

Everyone have a good day
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