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Reaccurring absess

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My parents cat Jasper has a reaccuring absess on his back. The vet has drained it three times now and it has gone down but it is back again. My brother is getting quite angry that my dad wont just take him to the vet and get it drained again, but my dad just cant afford it again so close to the last time and it doesnt seem to be causing jasper any pain. He rolls over on it, doesnt wince when you stroke him, or anything.

What could be causing this? It would be great if I could advise them on how to stop the cause. Poor Jasper seems to be so much more troubled with going to and fro from the vet than he does with the absess itself. Its just so fustrating to have to do it again and again and have it come back anyway
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Has the kitty been given antibiotics? Abscesses often require maintenance before they fully heal. Frequently a drainage device will be inserted to prevent the wound from closing up with bacteria trapped inside. A solution of diluted peroxide, saline, or other disinfecting chemical is often recommended by the vet to be used in flushing out the area. Warm compresses can help the area open up and drain properly, and the area shouldn't be allowed to scab over while puss remains inside.
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Since it has been treated by the vet 3 times now, I wonder if there isn't something more to it. Would a cyst cause an abscess?
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A cyst certainly can cause an abscess. That is what we think happened in Spot's case. Despite repeated treatments (including two surgeries!) the abscess kept returning until it suddenly just went away. We think there may have been a cyst beneath the surface that ruptured or something.

That said, if all the vet is doing is draining it, more aggressive treatment may be needed. I wouldn't conclude that a cyst is the cause unless it is recurring despite aggressive, ongoing treatment.
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is there anything we can do at home for him? Im going to ask my parents next time i go round if he has been on antibiotics. Im starting to wonder about how good the vet is... You would think he would be more worried after three visits
I always assume my parents know best as to the "which vet" type of questions, but you never know.
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abscesses are odd creatures, it's theoretically better for them to heal open to the air, cuz you want all the bacteria out. but there's so many variables. my cat just got a new abscess in the same spot as one he had 3 months ago, not sure if it's recurring or not. but the vet said if antibiotics and compresses didn't work he would cut the dead tissue away, clean out the wound and suture it all up. this seems like a good solution if it keeps coming back, but again there is the possibility it will reinfect because closing up the wound may trap bacteria inside.

anyway i too would be thinking twice about a vet who treats the same abscess the same way three times only to have it keep coming back.
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You can use warm compresses (a warm, wet wash cloth works well) on the area to help it open up and drain. Sterile saline solution can be used to flush it out.
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thank you so much, you have been a great help. I think i will put this advice on to my brother rather than my parents, my parents dont have much free time and feel that they are doing there best with the vet. my brother has much more time to worry and actually do things.
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