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RIP Nevaska Enya Mika

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Mika died from shock Monday sometime during the day whilst I was at work. My 2 purebred staffies managed to open a closed knob handled door and go into the same room as her which caused her to fret and in the end caused her heart to give up. We took her to the vet to check for any bite markes or possibly other scenarios but the vet after checking her carefully advised that the dogs had not physically harmed her in anyway which was good to hear.

We advised the breeder the same night and she was in utter shock the same as us. We met with the breeder and she has offered us another kitten but not for breeding like we were going to with Mika because the kitten is already desexed. Our beautiful staffies are also in shock and it was not their fault, we had only had Mika for a week and were slowly introducing her to them but the tempation to fully introduce themselves became too much for them to wait.

Please dont think that my staffies are bad they are the biggest sooks and just wanted to cuddle up with her like they did our previous cats.

I will miss my little Mika badly and the new kitten should we accept the breeders kind offer is not replacing her as she will never be able to be replaced.
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I am so sorry for your loss, and I do not think your dogs are bad dogs either, sending prayers from Mississippi for your broken heart.
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i'm so sorry, that is such a tragic tale. i can imagine that you are in a state of shock over this.

bless your dogs for not touching her, i had a staffie who would cuddle up with the cats.

RIP little mika.
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Oh good grief that's so tragic

Play happily at the bridge Mika

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Oh no!!! I am so sorry....

May your sweet Mika RIP

And PS~your staffies are NOT bad!
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We saw the breeder yesterday and we have accepted another kitten which we originally picked Mika instead of. The breeder mentioned that Mika was the runt of the litter but by the time she left to go home she had gained weight and size almost comparable to her bother and sisters.

We are going to introduce the dogs straight away this time, last time we let them see each other but they were separated for a few days before we started to introduce them.

Hopefully if all goes well we will have a healthy little russian girl at home in less than a week.

The dogs now have an outdoor room for shelter so there will never be a need to come inside unless we are home and training them with the kitten.

The kitten is already desexed so we wont be breeding until we can afford to buy another for breeding in maybe a years time. It is so good to know that the breeder is there for us no matter what!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.
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How sad! I`m sorry for your loss

Rest In Peace Mika
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what a terrible shock to come home to! play happily over the bridge, little Mika!
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Oh how sad I am so sorry.

May she rest in peace
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