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we bought dave the most gorgeous cat bed. But i dont think he slept in it once.
He liked the bath mat and back of the sofa much more!

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He sleeps everywhere. On either side of my computer on the desk, on my desk chair, next to my desk on the floor, on my armchair, on my bed, on the carpet by my bed, in the little nook between one leg of the bed and my dresser which is under the bed, and behind the dresser on top of one of my suitcases.

Oh, and sometimes in the box that I used to bring him home that is still living in my room.

I'm not sure I would ever buy a bed for him. Certainly not an expensive one. I'd be more likely to buy a random cheap pillow and so long as it's in a cozy nook, he'll sleep on it. He doesn't like very open spaces. He usually likes there to be some sort of a wall on at least one side of him.
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If i didnt already have the bed, I dont think I would bother buying one again.

There are so many comfy little spots that my cat liked, that there was definatly no need.

Going from hairy dogs that always made a mess, I just assumed that cats also being hairy would make a mess too.
But he never made much mess.
I had to clean up much more after my boyfriend had been sitting on the sofa after he had been eating!!
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It's not the best of pictures, but Forrest sleeps on the futon in my office all day. He absolutely loves it when I make a "tent" out of a blanket. Don't all little boys love to sleep in a tent?

Here he is with his piglet
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That's adorable!

My dog sleeps like that with her "babies" but not Ollie cat! haha
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Ohmigosh! That picture of Forrest with his piglet is so cute!!!

Larry and Lena seem to be most comfortable on hard surfaces. I figure it's because they lived on the streets in Brooklyn.....under cars, etc.

So, now, it's in the closet, on the chairs under the dining table, on the window sill, on the floor, on the chair next to the window. (These chairs don't have cushions.)

Every once in awhile, I'll catch one of them trying out the bed or the couch, but they don't stay there long. I have a hunch they sleep there when I'm gone during the day.
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