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Rudd tackles China over Tibet

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Well, this is interesting. Our Prime Minister has tactfully but firmly spoken out against China's actions in Tibet, on his current world trip as the new leader of Australia.

Last week in the US he talked about `human rights abuses' and in a speech he gave (in Mandarin, I might add) to students at China's Bejing University yesterday, he did the same thing. He has been met with a backlash of criticism from Chinese officials, not only over this, but over his refusal to allow the blue-suited Chinese `security' guards into Australia to protect the torch relay.

Mr Rudd was our ambassador to China for many years, and has over 25 years' experience as a diplomat to China. He is a very valuable asset for us in terms of our relationship with China, however I am particularly impressed by his stance on the issue of Tibet, and he has proved that he will not tiptoe around them when it comes to human rights, simply for the sake of economic and political harmony.

Here's an article:,00.html

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I must say I am VERY impressed.
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So am I. I mean, I can't hide my liking for the man. I've said before he's the `gift that keeps on giving'. Lol.

But this is something different. This is something that could potentially cause very serious problems with our relationship with China - absolutely our most important neighbour - and yet he has stood firm and showed his statesmanship. I am hoping that his understanding of that country and their politics has led to him knowing exactly how far he can go and what he can say.

I liked the way he said `Our friendship is broad enough to be able to handle disagreement'. It just seems like a, well, sensible, thing to say.

It's nice - so nice - for once to see a world leader stand up for what is right and good and not just for international trade agreements, smooth-sailing politics and diplomatic relations.

It also helps that his Mandarin is flawless - such a huge asset for us in our Prime Minister.

Here is some video footage of a speech he gave welcoming the Chinese leaders to APEC. I have been looking for footage of his speech at Beijing University, but it hasn't been posted yet. It was a wonderful speech, too, by the way.
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I totally understand. I felt the same way about President Bush after Sept. 11

(just making an observation, not trying to start an argument my friend.)
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That is so amazing! I wish more world leaders would do the same.
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Congratulations on having a good man as your leader.
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I was so proud of the way he handled himself. Howard would have sidestepped the issue, or just said publicly from Australia that he didn't like what was happening.

The fact that Rudd went TO China, made it clear what they are doing is unacceptable in fluent Mandarin, and continued to successfully talk to the leaders about trade plans is fabulous! Makes me proud to be an Aussie
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Me too Sarah - and I can tell you it's been a LONG time since I've felt that way. I'm very excited to hear the results of the 2020 Summit this weekend.
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I would love to open the link but it isn't working for me. It keeps telling me the page isn't available. But, I would love to hear what someone says to China. I did watch the video of him speaking Mandrin, and I was impressed! I have NO idea what he said, be I was very impressed. I wish more US leaders would learn the native language to show respect for other countries.
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