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Our regular visitor to the window feeder. She wasn't sitting, she was in a hover, which made focusing on her a real bear

It took about a dozen shots to get this one

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Neat! I can never get good pictures of the ones here and the times that they come really close, I never have my camera.
I've had the ones here come up, hover, and squawk in my face because I dare to sit on the deck while they want to eat. For such tiny little birds they have a lot of attitude!
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Nice. I've been waiting for mine to get here. It shouldn't be much longer. I already have my feeder up.
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Wow! Awesome image!!
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Fabulous shot! Congratulations!
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Welcome back to TCS Mike!

As always beautiful pictures.

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Awesome photo!!!
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Great photo!

I had a feeder up all last summer, and planted flowers that they're supposed to like, hummingbirds.
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Welcome back to TCS Mike!

As always beautiful pictures.

Thank you I didn't really go anywhere, I've just sort of spent the last few weeks in some kind of blue funk mood where I didn't take any pictures or post much at all.
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it's like a National Geographic photograph!
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Excellent shot!

I'm surprised there wasn't a fuzzy head blocking the lens.
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