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What time do you feed your cat?

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Maddox does not come out from under my bed during the day (at least, not when I'm there), so I put his food out before I go to bed (around 12am-2am) and as soon as I turn out the lights....the little critter comes alive. All I hear is "ding,ding, ding" from the bells on his collar and he eats all his food and uses the litter box. This is also the time that he "explores" his new home. I was wondering if it was okay to feed him so late at night. I figured it would be fine, since this is when he "comes alive." Do you think he may change his sleep pattern when he totally adjusts to his new home?
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He needs to eat more than once a day - 3 times would be normal even if the same number of calories are divided up. The time of day doesn't matter, though it makes more sense to me that he should eat in the a.m. to get him through some of the day when he's up and active.
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Ours get fed before we go to bed at night....otherwise I have loudmouth Ramsay screaming in my ear all night, and Gus chewing on my hair. They get a little more food in the morning only if they eat all of their food from the night before.
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Hennessy gets his wet food right before I go to sleep... keeps him busy while I nod off.

He gets free fed dry, so he's not just eating then, though.
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All my animals get fed around 12am (bedtime for us) except the flemmies (rabbits) who also get fed at 7:30am-ish before bf goes to work.
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Is this a trick question? My response should be "whenever they want!" Honestly, I usually feed them in the morning after I have showered so they don't equate me waking with their food. I have been an evening feeder in the past though. Whatever works the best for both of you would be best Good luck!
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in the mornings, before i leave for work, they get fresh dry food.
in the evenings [usually around 730pm] they get wet food.
when i'm working a show [like now] they get wet when i get home from the theatre. i've found that if i feed wet before i go to the theatre, Chip will poop on the bed... but if i wait to feed when i get home, he won't i don't understand it, but i've had my training!
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Mine are fed when I get up at 5am, then a snack when I come home around 3pm and a meal before bed around 10pm.
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Ours get half their daily caloric intake of dry food in the morning, around 8am, and the other half around 8pm. They used to get to free feed on dry food, but they ruined that for themselves by turning into little pudgy kitties. (When the vet tech made fun of the girl, that's when I realized it was diet time.)

Wet food is a treat in our household, so they get that once a week or less often.

Nursing mom, obviously, gets whatever food she wants, whenever she wants. Constant supply of dry kitten food and a can of wet food a day, maybe two if she can manage to butter me up enough. And then lots of fun time playing with the bird feather toy.
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Oliver is free-fed his kibble, so that's always available... I get out his wet and put it on his dresser (I've got a dog who's got a fancy for wet cat food haha) when I come upstairs at night... usually, I hang around downstairs with my family til 10 or 11ish at night and then go upstairs to watch my shows, chat online, etc for another several hours, so I bring his wet up when I head upstairs - he doesn't eat all of his wet at once either, so it sits out all night and I put any that's left in the fridge in the morning (not in a can of course)... he pretty much knows he gets his wet when I come up at night, even though it's not a specific time every day - the last few days I haven't brought it up the first time I came upstairs (I usually go back down to get food for me lol) and he'd come up and sit and stare at me then glance at the dresser like "ahem, I'm huuuungie!" but he doesn't actively beg for it... this way it keeps him from bugging me to be fed in the mornings too

If you're not free-feeding kibble, he should be fed multiple times a day - maybe put some out when you leave in the morning and then again at night... as I recall, he's new to your home, right? Remember to be patient, he'll "come alive" more often once he's really settled into his new home and knows you're really his new and forever mama!
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We free-feed a high quality dried food and then they get a wet dinner around 6pm. We do it this way as it was the schedule my husband's family cats were always on! I usually monitor evening feedings - ours are semi-feral kittens (strange to say that now, as they are pretty domestic now) to help build up my relationship with them.
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mine are hassling for food when i get up in the morning, around 7am. they then get some biccies at lunchtime (or i'll leave them down if i'm working and no one else is home). they then get fed again at 6pm, shinobi insists on it!

but i will feed them on demand too.
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They get fed in the morning at 5 am (when I go to work) or by 7 am on weekends. Then around 5-6 pm for the evening meal.
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I do 3 feedings of wet food. Their dry is measured out for snacking (free fed, but measured), and I do the dry food 2-3 times a day. Sometimes they like the wet food more than dry--depends on the flavor that day.

Breakfast is served around 6:30am. That's when I'm downstairs starting my coffee. Dinner around 3:30-4:00pm. And the third around 7-8 pm. It works well for us. If I do 2 feedings I have beggars and complainers for hours.
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Ours get fed wet food twice a day - once in the morning and again in the evening.. around 5-ish. We always have dry food out for them too.
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I measure out her food ration and put half of it out in the morning and half of it out at night. She only eats dry, so it stays out for her to "graze"
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Riley has dry food out at all times. He gets 1/2 can of wet around 7:30am before I go to work, then gets the other half around 5:30pm when I get home.
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Before I leave for work, if it is the weekend then I feed when I wake up. * I shut the door so I am not rudely awakened by an annoying cat, I can drown out the noisy talk but it is harder to ignore the walking on, licking my face, sitting on my face and the like*
Then I feed some wet food at night, around 9-11pm or so.
I find it really interesting that some feed at 12am.
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Rocky and Oliver are free-fed dry food. They get fed when I wake up (7:00 during the week, later on weekends).

When they get a treat of canned food, it's usually at night, about 9:30 or 10:00.
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I feed 3 times a day at approx 8am, 4pm and 12am, work schedule permitting. At the moment it's more like 8am, 5.30pm and 11.30pm but I try to space the meals out as evenly as possible since Jaffa is prone to vomiting if he goes too long without eating.
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I feed them their dry food in the morning at 7am and they usually eat all of what I give them within 30 minutes. They only each get a certain measured amount of dry food (I give them roughly 1/2 of what the daily total suggestion is on the package).

I feed them their wet food at 5pm almost every night, but sometimes they aren't fed until around 8:30 just because that's when I get home sometimes. Their 'dinner' is 1/2 of whatever the daily total suggestion is on the can.

If you only have 1 cat and are only feeding dry food, I would measure out the daily food and would split it into 2 feedings (once at night when you go to bed, once right before you leave in the morning). That way the cat isn't eating it all at once.
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Trout is free fed and always has food available to her. She is a dainty little thing and isn't a little piggy though so I can do that. Other cats may get porky with this routine
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whenever i am commanded lol

i free feed dry food. i feed wet food first thing in the morning (sometimes in the middle of the night too if they sleep thru it or are just extra piggly lol) noonish, 5ish and sometime later in the evening.

(it *sounds* like they are eating a lot but they arent. theyre splitting one packet of wet food each of these times and seldomly finish it. they usually eat one small bowl of dry food a day plus some random ppl food, here and there)
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Our cat dave was so greedy that whatever was put down would be gone.
He would never walk away from a bowl with food still in it even if he was full!

We had to be so careful with feeding, as he would quite easily put on weight due to it, and went to a low fat food for a while.

Eventually, we found a feeding of dry food in the morning at 7am and then an evening feed of a wet pouch at 6pm suited him best.

My partner comes home every lunch and would always give him some treats then too, so he didnt have to wait for long.
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Breakfast: 6 am & 7 am
Dinner: 6 pm & 7 pm (depends when I get home but I try to come home no later than 7:30)

On the weekend the kitties always manage to squeeze 1 extra meal out of me (around noon). Since they haven't gain an ounce I always give it to them.
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