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Goodbye Lucy ....

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Lucy was our friend's dog, and everyone loved her. She was a blue merle border collie, and she was a gentle, beautiful soul. She died this afternoon after having a sudden attack of seizures. It started last night when she didn't follow her daddy inside the house, and being an old dog at fourteen, she couldn't keep up. So he went back out and found her seizing. They brought her inside, but by then she wasn't moving too much. She recovered, more or less and the family went on watching TV. They expected her to slip away in the night but she was still alive this morning. They decided to euthanize her as soon as they could.

Goodbye sweet Lucy, we'll miss you. Keep watch over your family. Say hello to Nikki. I'll miss your beautiful blue eyes ....
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So sorry about your friends dog.
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So sorry for the loss of your sweet little doggie.
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I am so sorry.

Run free Lucy and watch over your family.

I will light a candle to help guide you home

RIP Lucy
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i have a border collie and they are beautiful dogs. 14 is a really good age for that breed but sadly never long enough for us.

RIP sweet lucy, my lurcher leo will be happy to play with you over the bridge.
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Have fun at the bridge Lucy
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Rest In Peace Lucy
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Godspeed over RB, Lucy - take good care of all the little RB kittens on the other side for us - keep 'em rounded up and near the little angels
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