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My DIY litterbox solution.

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Trinity is a pro at throwing all of her litter out of the box and all over the surrounding floor. I've been trying to figure out how to remedy this situation for a while because walking on a little beach of kitty litter just doesn't appeal to me. I also needed to figure out a fool proof way of keeping the bunnies out of the kitties litter boxes because they are dangerous for them.

I've checked out those clever cats boxes a few times but could never bring myself to buy one because they are like $35 and pretty small IMO. I decided to make my own the other night and I went out and got a big rubbermaid tub and cut a hole in the top of it for the kitties to get in. I was worried that they wouldn't use it with the top at first so I left the top off for a few days and just put it on last night.

All four kitties have taken great to their new box and I now don't have a beach in my sunroom! I couldn't be happier, lol.

I just thought you guys might find it interesting. It was really easy to make and cost about ten dollars compared to the 35 I could have spent on the other ones. I can post some pictures of it if anyone wants a better idea of what I am talking about.
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Good idea - BTW, what size did you use? Does the whole cat fit with the lid on or do they keep their head stuck out? Maybe I DO need a pic
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
Good idea - BTW, what size did you use? Does the whole cat fit with the lid on or do they keep their head stuck out? Maybe I DO need a pic
Lol, I used the 105 qt size. Yep the whole cat fits in the box but it seems they all have their own preferences as to whether they would rather stick their head out or not. Trinity likes to be all the way in the box and so does Nemo but both Bentley and Mercury like to have their head sticking out.

I'll take a few pictures and post them.
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Here are a few pics. . . I didn't have the right kind of saw blade so the cut was a little jagged and I cracked it in one place so I covered the edges with duct tape so there is no chance of the kitties scratching themselves or anything like that. If I had used the correct type of saw blade, I probably wouldn't have had that problem but that's ok because I know better for next time now!

Trinity decided to model for the pictures so that should help you get an idea of the size. . . I could probably have made the hole smaller even, on this one it is pretty much half of the top.
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That's a really great idea! Did they have any hesitation about hopping over the high sides in the new box? My guy has a Booda dome, but he still gets some litter outside the entrance hole when he kicks...I might try this sometime when i am feeling creative!
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Oh - thanks for the picture! That was a good idea... I was picturing a whole cut in the side and wondered how the litter didnt over-flow.

I have a covered litter box, but I like your idea... I think I will definitely will have to try that! Thanks!
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My four all explored the box as soon as I got it home. I think that the only reason that I didn't have any trouble with them switching to it is because I left the top off for the first few days and I replaced their favorite litter box with it. When I put the lid on, they already knew for sure that it was in fact their litter box so they didn't mind at all, in fact as you can see in the pictures, Trinity has decided that it is a good place to take a nap.

I had tried the covered litter boxes before but when I say Trinity is a pro at throwing out litter. . . I mean it! Even with the Booda Dome, she would throw it all out the door and then they would all track it from the stairs inside the dome, outside onto the carpet. I have noticed with this one that there is a little bit of litter that gets collected on the top of it but that is probably from their feet and is easily pushed back into the litter box.

I will say this though. I didn't use the actual rubbermaid tubs, I used a different brand. The only reason that I regret that is because the tops of the rubbermaids are made of a slightly different material and I don't think that they would have cracked as easily.

Come to think of it, I have a couple extra rubbermaids in the basement, I might make another one tonight with one. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes.
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I agree with the whole rubbermaid probably wont crack nearly as much. I do, however really like the colour that you chose for the one you've made. Another option, which I've used when creating something similar for a hide for my lizard was to take a torch-style lighter (a long one for the barbecue) and gently melt the edges. It would take a whole lot longer than the duct tape, but would be permanent and the visual would be cleaner (if you care that is...after all, it is a poop bucket lol!).
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I really really like this idea. And too funny that she is sleeping on top of it!

I have been thinking on integrating the Breeze Litter System idea with regular clay or clumping litter. My thoughts were to take a two litter pans, one sitting inside the next - nested together - with fine holes in the top box so that the urine could drain through to a puppy pad on the bottom pan... of course the two boxes would need a little space between them. But now I'm thinking something like this could probably be done with the tupperware/rubbermaid using an extra lid as a puppy pad holder... I think it should work like a house plant with a drip pan under it... who knows.

At any rate, I definitely want to try your idea. I love it. I bet I can replace two litter boxes with just one tub!
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I Love It!!! You are a genius! I wonder if there is a way we can use garbage bags to line it?
I have to try this. Joey can fling litter three feet from the box. Hubby will be so happy when he doesn't have to walk in sand to get the the bathroom!
Thanks for sharing!!
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CalicoPrincess, I've thought of doing the same thing but never got around to it, I'm glad to hear that your kitties have adapted well.
Marianjela you had a very good idea too! I think I am going to combine both of your ideas for the PERFECT litterbox, using 2 stacked tupperware containers instead of litterboxes and still adding the lid on top.
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i have a tool, recommended by skippymjp, that is a combination knife/welder. ordered it from a hobby shop. it does a great job of cutting the storage tubs! i made a 'cat playhouse' using a couple of tubs, & i cut holes in 2 of the sides for access to the 'cave'.

no one goes inside, altho Java seems to like sitting on top of them!

the only problem w/the garbage bag liner idea is that a clawed cat will rip that bag to pieces!
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I did buy one of those hot knives but have yet to actually "use" it. It only costs a few dollars - think it was less than $5US. Someday, I'll get creative!

Love your litterbox!
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Omgosh you are fabulous! I have tried EVERYthing to get Memphis to stop making my bathroom into a beach!

I'm making one of these tomorrow!

You are my absolute hero

(This post took me about 5 minutes to write because Lily kept deciding the keyboard looked like a good place to stand!)
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I'm glad everyone liked my idea.

Marianjela, I'll have to try the sifting/nesting thing next time. That's a great idea!

laureen227, do you know what that tool is called? I would like to check it out. I could see it being useful for a few diffrerent things, especially since I will be bringing home an Amazon in the near future.
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This is the knife Skippymjp used for his set-up and the one I purchased
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Cool, thanks for the link. It looks like they sell them at a few places by me. I'll have to look in to getting one of those!
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I have a woodburner tool - I wonder if that'll work? When I get home from Pittsburgh tonight, I'm going to try this out! I'll let ya know how it works.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
This is the knife Skippymjp used for his set-up and the one I purchased
that's the same one i got - Skippymjp posted a link in this thread - look at what was created w/it!
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definately will have to get one of those if I look into making my own boxes! I can't believe how nice your cuts look
I noticed this week that one of my twirps has started spraying the back of our covered pan....right where pan meets lid. No overflow yet, but we may soon be looking at a tupperware box around here.
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Originally Posted by Sylorna View Post
definately will have to get one of those if I look into making my own boxes! I can't believe how nice your cuts look
that's actually Skippymjp's "tupperlair"
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