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blood in stool; worried about kitty

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My kitten is 10 weeks old. He is very active and normal. He is prancing around, playing, purring, and his personality has not changed at all. However, he has very very soft stools, sometimes diarrhea, and I just noticed now that he has blood on his rectum and the fur around it. He seems healthy otherwise though and is not hiding or lethargic or anything. I am very worried about him. What could be going on? He just came to my home 4 days ago, so could it just be the change in environment? His stools were normal the day he came home, and he's getting the same food he had at his old home. I tried to make a vet visit but they dont have any appointments for 2 weeks. Should I take him to an emergency vet hospital?
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It could very well be a change in the environment. Is he drinking ok?
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He seems to be drinking alright. Why? Could dehydration cause this? He'll usually have a few laps of water while he's eating food and stop by to have a few more randomly throughout the day. I have another cat who is perfectly healthy right now; it's only the kitten who is experiencing this so I'm thinking its not a virus or something since only one cat is sick and since he's still totally active and has not changed at all besides his poop. I'm not really sure. I'm just worried about him. I wish the vet wasn't booked for 2 weeks straight. I don't want to go to a kitty hospital over nothing and have a big bill, but I don't want something to be wrong with him and neglect it either.
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Does he have Worms? They can cause blood too.
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I got him from a breeder. His pet papers say on 2/24 and on 3/9 he had a fecal exam and then under treatment it says d-worm. Does that mean he had worms before and they had to deworm him? Is it likely they are back? Thanks!
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If he has diarrhea and he isn't drinking he can become dehydrated, so just keep an eye on him to make sure he's drinking. My three love it when i put down a fresh bowl of cool water every day.

All of my three were giving a worming tablet when they went for their first checkup and it gave them diarrhea with a little blood in it.

Can you not ring the vet tomorrow morning and explain your concern to see if they could squeeze you in?, i'm sure they would if they knew you were worried.
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Sounds like he had Worms at one time. I would call the vet though.
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My kittens had a bit of blood in their stools when we first took them in, prompting concern from me! My vet told me it was likely due to the worming tablets we had just administered and the change of environment. Stress, change in food, new environment - all that stuff can just cause havoc on a little kitten's stomach and digestive system.

However, I agree with what others have said - give your vet a call and just explain what's going on. See what they think. I know our vet - when I was having this problem - said that if it persisted (and they started to look unhealthy/stopped eating, drinking, playing) to just drop by stool samples - no kitten required.
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