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Behaviour of Smudge...

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Hi there,

I am just wondering if we should actually let Smudge out or not. She has had both her injections (Had the last one yesterday) and Alex was coming through the door earlier tonight, and Chino our neighbours cat was stood outside near Alex. Smudge comes to the door and starts hissing at Chino!

Im a bit scared about letting her out because I dont want her to be fighting. We have got a harness so the vet has advised us to take her out on that which we will do, but i'm now thinking that the only time she will go out is with us now where as before tonight, I was going to let her out every evening after work for an hour or so.

Whats your thoughts? Is it because Chino was in our garden and she was prtotecting her territory?

Please help!! Thanks

K&A xXx
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Cats are safer indoors. They will, most likely, fight. Because it's Chino's territory & Smudge is invading. I advise outside trips on leash only.
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We have just got back in from taking Smudge out in the garden (only for about half an hour) and she hid under the bushes all the time. When i went to pick her up to bring her in because she just wouldnt budge, she hissed at me and ran for it, causing the back piece of her harness to come off. So I had to pick her up using the towel method to bring her in! I cant put up with this everytime we take her out (Alex dont help when he just stands there as she is running off!) I dont know what to do I feel that she doesnt like me much because Im the one that had to administer her ear drops causing her to stress out, Im the one that holds her at the vets for her check ups and injections, Im the one that always seems to stress her out
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Just keep her inside all the time. She will get used to it quickly (all those Americans and us Canadians can't be that wrong so much of the time :-), and she will live a lot longer and not have to deal with other cats, traffic, diseases, and a million other potential dangers.
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