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Pooping Outside of Pan

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I have never had this problem but my sister is currently dealing with it. Her male cat who is not a year old yet does not poop in the pan. He leaves his little piles around the house, never in the same spot. As far as she can tell he is peeing in the pan. She recently changes to cat attract litter hoping this would help, no change.

Any suggestions I could throw her way would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Laurie
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Ok, vet visit for sure just to be safe. Then clean clean clean all the spots with a good enzyme cleaner.

Then, possibly, brand new, open, boxes in different locations (more than one for sure). Even put a box on top of one of his 'favorite' spots and, if things go well, move it gradually to a more preferred area.

I'd stick with the cat attract (or kitten attract) a little longer.

what's she using to wash out the boxes? Maybe an odor is lingering from that. Also, after cleaning, I sprinkled catnip on my out of box spots - sometimes, where cats play or eat, they're not so willing to pee/poo there.

Good luck - I know it's frustrating!
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There's an entire sticky on inappropriate elimination in the behavior forum on the topic. The one idea that comes to mind is that some cats will not pee and poop in the same place. Does your sister have at least 2 litter boxes?
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More litter boxes would be my first suggestion.
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My kitten is 11 weeks old now and kept pooping in the litter for the first 2 weeks Ive had him. However, as soon as I left for a week and he stayed home with my parents, who were working 8 hours a day, he started pooping and peeing on my leather couches. I cant get out the stench of the poop either! Just yesterday he peed on me twice. So I'm having a similar problem. He does his duties in the litter box as well, but not as before.
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