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Spooky is becoming sweet! :)

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Spooky had a tough life before we adopted her. She was never affectionate & didn't want anything to do with human contact. We didn't let that stop us from giving her a home! Spooky would always have a home with us no matter what, even if she was never lovable.

With time, love, & her getting spayed, she has become a totally different cat. Spooky is one of the many reasons why the benefits of spaying is so wonderful!! Spaying made the biggest difference. She can actually focus on becoming a happy cat...Now she comes to us for lovings, she mews when she plays, & chases the other kitties around! Spooky gets us all teary eyed seeing how happy she is, we have never seen so much change in a cat until Spooky

Theres our little sweetheart!! Looking all pretty for the camera We love you so much girly!
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What a pretty face she has! Spooky is so lucky she found a family to love - and to love her.

Lilly is also a very grateful girl that she no longer has to live on the streets literally fighting for her life. I think cats know and appreciate the "good life" especially if they've had to experience the other side.
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Aww, what a beautiful and happy kitty!
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