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What are your top TCS moments?

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The ones that made you grin like mad and feel like jumping around the room. I know you've got some...

Any time someone adopts a new cat I feel like squeeing, same with any story people post on rescues/ferals.

As for specific moments, though, one of my recent 'squee-worthy' moments was when I realized two of our favorite TCS boys PJ and Punky found a furever home. I didn't stop smiling the whole evening.

Any of yours?

Edit: I accidentally posted this in Fur Pics...oops. Could a mod move it, please?
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Oh just wait 'til the boys FINALLY get home!
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I'll probably squeak! They've been waiting long enough to find their home, they certainly deserve it.
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I think my top TCS moment was when I was made a mod, I was so excited and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt

Another at the top of the list was when I recognized eilcon's name on a FeLV website and I adopted Pandora and Antigone from her, made a great friend in the process and a kitty fairy

most recently my top moment was when I finally got the high score in Bookworm now that is in jeopardy....thanks Eva!
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Hmmm, good question.
I know I am always thrilled when a cat is lost then returns again.
Also any rescue stories. Or when a fellow TCSers cats health was not good but turned around and got better.
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There are so many moments on TCS to smile about!

- Stories about successful adoptions for any animals who need homes.
- Any animal that is lost & returns home or any animal that is sick & gets better.
- I love hearing about pregnancies too - just because it is so exciting for the person who is pregnant!
- Whenever I give or recieve points. Feels good to give!

I love celebrating with other people when they receive good news! I'm happy that they are happy!!
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When I was invited to be a mod has to be tops.

Other top moments are when our wonderful members go to the rescue or give of themselves to help others. It reinforces what a wonderful on-line community we have here.
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I always like to hear when we are able to solve behavior problems or help direct someone to fix a health issue. I love stories about successful feral socializations. But most of all, I absolutely love when people are talked out of declawing their cats.
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When I got my first gift from someone. When I send people gifts and they are so happy about it.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
But most of all, I absolutely love when people are talked out of declawing their cats.
That one of mine too along with talking people into spaying and neutering.
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All of the above..

I was also pretty excited when we got a computer, and I was able to post pics of my furbies. Getting a siggy done was great, too!

I also love to give gifts! It makes my day if I can make someone smile.

And Laurie's help regarding all the info she shared about strays & ferals was a cool thing, too!

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My moment was when I posted in a torrent of emotion about some personal troubles, then got embarrassed and came back perhaps twenty minutes later to delete it... only to find there were already a dozen warm, caring replies from people who were concerned and wanted to help.

When I start to lose faith in mankind, I need only think of TCS to remember how good people can be.
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My best was all the support I got when Sheba was killed and the journey of prosecuting my neighbor. Many family and friends didn't understand why but my fellow TCSers sure did!!

Also when a lost cat is found and when TCSers get married and have children!!

Can't forget Secret Santa too.
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Some of my best moments:
- When I got such a warm welcome
- When members help me when I asked for advice
- How everyone cares about your problems and not just your cat's problems
- Being respected by other cat and pet lovers
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The best moments:

When we all share in someone's good news
When we all rally to help support another member through their bad time
When I first came to TCS and everyone was supportive of my having adopted Max & Sarah so soon after losing Sam & Patrick

I can't think of more right now, but I know there are many more moments
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