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I should have known something was wrong.

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Good afternoon. Well it has been 5 days since we were at the vet. Babe seems to be doing better but I won't know a whole lot until we have some blood work done. Our vet is keeping in touch with us and said she was happy that Babe is eating and drinking water. Babes test results last friday showed that she has no red blood cells. We don't know what it is that is making her so sick. The vet said it could be FIP's but we wouldn't know for sure. They have given us an antibiotic to cover several different infections. I don't know what I am to do. Babe comes out to sit with us, she is eating and drinking like there is nothing wrong. I know better becuz I saw the blood work.
Does anyone have suggestions on a good food that I can get Babe that is fortified with vitamins and iron? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. I feel so bad right now like I should have known there was something wrong a long time ago.
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I will look up what they gave Coco when she had Severe Anemia. It had Iron in it but I can got remember the name. I will look in her Vet Records. Stripe got Procrit for low Red Blood Cells. It was a Shot.
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Thank you anything will be of help. Our vet is hopeing that Babe gets a little better before we go to other antibiotics. She mentioned a possible blood transfusion as well. I am just very afraid that Babe is too sick and she won't come out of this. I am lost as to how I can help her. She is the most precious cat I have ever had. When she goes to bed at night she will put her little paw to my face real gentle like. She also will try to hold your hand. Her little claws come out and she wraps them around one of my fingers. She is just a blessing to me. I grew up on a farm and never got attached to animals becuz they would never be around for too long. Babe has me wrapped around her little paw. I am afraid I am going to lose her.

Thanks again for any information you can share. I do appreciate it.
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Sending lots of vibes for Babe!!
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for Babe!

Have they checked for Bartonella? It can cause severe anemia.
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Stripe had blood transfusions and it saved her life at the time. She had them in 1998 and died in 2000. Lucy had them too but kept getting bad again. Then 3 weeks after Lucy died Coco got sick and almost needed Blood. I have her results from then still if you want to know. They did so many Tests and thought she had Diabetis and said to have her Pts. this was the Er Vet. We took her to our Vet and they found out it was Fia. She was 9 then and is 16 now and has never had it again. We think Lucy had it but it wasnt caught. Stripe had Crf which is not the same as Anemia. I sure hope she gets better.
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I hope so too. Babe has been so sweet since the day we adopted her. I am not one to get real attached to animals becuz I grew up on a farm. I can't help not being attached to Babe. She is soo smart and so loving.
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I am a little out of it guys. I posted another thread and I apologize. I have been a little confused since Babe got sick. I am trying to find any information what so ever that may help me get her better. Thank you to everyone for being understanding. You are the Best
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