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Ultrasound necessary?

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I have posted previously about Ziggy and how he was diagnosed several months ago with iris melanoma. he had the eye removed in November and the eye specialist suggested that even though she was very optimistic that the cancer had not spread that if I wanted to be sure I sould have bloodwork and/or an ultra sound of his belly done.

I had some issues after the surgery with Ziggy scratching the area to the point where it was bloody and the skin was raw and he had to be kept in an e-collar for almost two months. but that problem has finally cleared up and he is doing great and off all medicine and is pretty much his normal self again.

I had bloodwork done last month, my regular vet did a full blood panel and everything came back great, he said Ziggy was a very healthy cat. but I still have this nagging voice telling me that I should probably get that ultra sound done as well. last year when I first noticed the spots in his eye they did a full blood panel and that came back good as well and only a few months later the eye needed to be removed and was diagnosed as melanoma. however when that blood panel was done the cancer in the eye was still in the earliest stages and the eye specialist said it was still very early on that we caught the problem and removed it. am I being too paranoid? or would you guys feel the same? and even if the ultrasound does turn up something I don't really think there is much more I could do for Ziggy after that. and I also feel like he has been put through so much in the past few months I'd hate to put him through more once he's finally gotten back to normal.

has anyone ever had an ultrasound done for their pet before, for the same reason or any other? can anyone give me a general idea of what it should cost?

I did leave a voicemail for my vet earlier this morning asking for the same advice I'm just feeling sort of anxious so I thought I'd make a post here as well.

thanks in advance for any advice!
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I've had ultrasound performed on two fo my cats. With Spot, it was done for an echocardiogram to determine how bad his heart condition was--that was about $350 a couple of years ago. For Willow's, I don't remember the exact cost since she also had needle aspiration and cytology done that same day--the total for all three was almost $600, so I'm guessing just the ultrasound was in the $350-400 range. Willow's ultrasound helped determine that she had FIP (while not conclusive it showed a high probability of it, and it was confirmed after she passed).

I understand the desire to do the test to rule out the possibility that the cancer spread. I think you have to determine for yourself whether the cost is worthwhile--call your vet and ask about approximate costs since they can vary from region to region. Also take into consideration what you are likely to do with the information. If it's negative, then it's a big sigh of relief, but if it's positive, what action will you take? Thinking through the possibilities will help you decide whether to do the test, and if you do, it will help you be prepared for the results, whatever they may be.
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Mouse had one about a week before she passed... this would've been in 2004... it was about the same, i think. i spent so much on her those last 10 days, it's hard to remember prices...
but it's a very non-invasive procedure - i was able to stay w/her during it, as well. she had to have her belly shaved [she was throwing up, etc.].
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Peter's had three ultrasounds on his heart over the past two years. The first one was $250 and included a cardiac consult. That was when he was diagnosed with mild hypertrophic cardiomypathy. His two follow up ultrasounds (he's getting them annually for now) were less expensive - around $135. I was able to stay with him during the procedure and he didn't need his tummy shaved.
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I don't have much advice to offer, but if it was me I would want the peace of mind one way or the other. As another poster said... take into consideration the course of action you will take if the report is not good. Sending all good things your way for you and your baby
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I don't know what the exact costs were....but I was quoted $400 for an ultrasound & a GI scope for Damita. Never went through with them, so no clue exact price.
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thanks for all the advice. my vet called and said the price would be appx. 500 but he would definitely get me some sort of discount since i've been going there forever (and he loves ziggy haha). i'm not sure what i would do with the info it it came back with something wrong. i was told by the eye specialist that, while she highly doubted they would find anything, if they did that really chemo was my only option and even that probably wouldn't do much, she said once this kind of cancer spreads there really isn't all that much that could save him. and i wonder if I would put ziggy though something like chemo with such an unlikely chance of it working. i don't really want to think about it it makes me so sad.
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Coco has had them too. She had a Echo for the Heart and has had Ultrasounds for her Bladder Infections.
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