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Dilemma... Help?

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So. This is a tough post to make, but I've gotta do it.

I am going to be moving out of my apartment. I am taking Sir Pants, because I'm the one who takes care of him, pays for his food and vet visits, scoops his box, blahblahblah.

Don't yet know where I'm going.

I've asked my friend Jocelyn if I could stay with her temporarily. She has two cats - a 17yo female and a 10yo male, both altered. She's going to be taking in two kittens in about two months.

That makes five cats.

K-Pants has always been an only cat. He was abandoned at 5wks, had no surviving littermates, and has no real cat experience. He's 8mo old now.

What on earth am I going to do? I could keep him in my bedroom for awhile, while I try to do introductions, and hopefully they'll at least tolerate each other. And I guess I could keep him in there indefinitely if they can't learn to get along. What would you guys suggest?

Also, if I can't move in there with her, I don't know where I'm going to go. I can't leave him.... and I know I can't take him to my parents' and go back there. They have a 16yo indoor/outdoor cat who has the run of the place, and she does not tolerate other cats. I don't want to stress her out at her age, and I know my mom doesn't, either.


This is a crummy situation. But I figured you guys might be able to help me, at least if I move in with Joc.

Thanks in advance
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Whereever you wind up, I'd keep him in your room away from the other cats. Do you know how long you would be at your friend's house? If only a few weeks, don't bother with introductions cause your cat would probably take longer then a few weeks to adjust to other cats.
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Yes, the time involved is really important, or would your stay be indefinite?
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sounds like you're having a pretty low time, sorry to hear that.

k-pants is still young and therefore he may surprise you with his reaction to other kitties. i would play it by ear, definitely keep him in your room to start with, but i would guess that both him and the other cats will get curious to the new 'smell' beyond the door.

if they do meet and it is not good, then as the others said, he can cope in your room for a short period of time.

i do feel that his youth is important here as an older cat will be far more set in their ways. i adopted daisy (rb) at approx 18 months and took her from an only cat house to living with another one. she took around a week before she would stay in the same room as sinbad and whilst they were never cuddle buddies, they did get along fine.
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