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Reality Bites

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John Langley, Executive Producer of COPS slipped and fell off the ledge of one of the cliffs on the Oregon coast this morning. He held on to a tree limb for as long as he could, but rescue was hampered by bad cell phone connections, and he finally slipped and fell to his death 300 feet to the sea.

The seas are 14-16' so recovery has not been possible
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Gosh, how horrible. I can't think of many more horrible ways to go.
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This is why I stay away from cliffs, no matter how beautiful the view is. Seriously, I have pretty bad acrophobia, so I can't imagine much in the way of a worse way to go. Dang cell phones.
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That is horrible. What that poor man must have gone through emotionally is unimaginable. It must have been like being slowly swallowed by quicksand.
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Prays & hugs to his family & friends.
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What a horrible way to go. It's like something you would see in a movie!


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wow. that's really sad. i can't even imagine.
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Reports say he and his fiancee stopped at the edge of the cliff and she wanted to take a picture of him, he stepped back (it has been really raining at the coast) and the edge broke and he fell. He was hanging on to the tree limb for quite awhile, while she frantically tried to find help- but they were in an isolated area and it wasn't a sunny day....
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oh no that is so awful
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Oh my gosh, how sad!
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OMG that is awful!!!!! And I love that show. I am sending up prayers for his family. Thanks for letting us know!
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