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Playing with his litter!

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So Ive recently changed his litter, He was used to lightweight non clumping stuff, its what he had at his breeders. but i hated that coz it just tracked round the house soooo much and when you scooped you had to take more out that you needed to just to make sure. So i moved to clumping stuff. Its ace! So easily scoopable... when he goes in it! He is using it, dont get me wrong. Its just he also likes playing with it. Its more sand like and he REALLY likes the way it moves when he digs. So he just gets carried away digging and throws it around, spins round rolls around in it, spraying it everywhere! he has even found the bag and has been putting his paw in to play with it in the bag!

How do i stop this? So far it has just been clean litter he has sprayed round my room, but thats bad enough to clean up, what if its dirty stuff next time!
He NEVER did this with the other stuff. Its like he thinks its a sand pit
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btw. I have tried mixing it with his old litter, to no avail.
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I wish I could offer some advice, but just wanted to say that we had the same experience! When we first took in the kittens, I had just bought some cheap litter (we weren't sure if we were going to be able to keep them, you see - feral kittens off the street...if we weren't able to socialise them, we were going to call a local organisation here who takes care of ferals and strays). Anyway, once we decided they were ours (didn't take long...), I moved over to clumping litter - and when I first got it, they went bonkers - doing exactly what your cat is doing. However, after a few weeks using it, they are now a bit more normal about it and don't play around in it, really. Do you use a covered litterbox? I know some cats don't like them, but we bought a few from our pet shop and removed the little plastic doors and that has solved a lot of our problems (more confined). I also put an old bath mat underneath the boxes so when they hop out, most of the sand gets trapped in that and then I just shake it out a few times a week.

Hopefully your cat will be like ours and just get a bit bored of it. The only time our cats play in our litter now is when I remove the litterbox cover to clean them out twice a day - they still go a bit mad over all the exposed sand.

Good luck!
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