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found a lost kitten, worried about other cat

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A stray kitten made its way to our door this morning, I thought I had made a mistake by letting it in, feeding and cuddling it, but it turns out this little brown and black tabby girl is lost. I went to both next door neighbors on either side and checked if she belonged to them but she doesn't.

I've nicknamed her Kairi, and she is so lovely and friendly, and follows you around like a little puppy dog. I'd love to keep her but with 4 cats already, one living with me, and a small flat where I'm not really allowed animals.

Of course tommorow I'll put ads out because I am sure she had a lovely family, she has been fed, and loved and is happy.

I am just worried about my cat Sable that lives with me, she is used to being the baby and is not happy, she is begging to go outside (but its nighttime and she always spends nights inside) she's not really been hissing or threating to fight Kairi at all, only when the first met. Sable just sits at the door and watches her, then sits at the door meowing.

I am a cat lover and this is breaking my heart, what should I do in the meantime to keep my baby Sable happy? I am worried she will run away thinking I don't love her anymore. She probably thought I was giving Kairi too much attention when I was bathing her (because she smelt really bad) but I gave Sable heaps of cuddles too.

What should I do?
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Your heart is certainly in the right place, but until Kairi is checked out by a vet, you really should keep her segregated from Sable. At this time you have no idea what health issues Kairi may have and it would be quite unfortunate if something nasty were transmitted to Sable.

I would also be concerned about territorial disputes arising between two female cats who are unfamiliar with each other and who weren't introduced in the recommended manner. Especially if one or both aren't spayed.
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Originally Posted by shimmer View Post
I am just worried about my cat Sable that lives with me, she is used to being the baby and is not happy,

What should I do?
You could put Kairi in a carrier or in another room and keep Sable company. Kairi needs the rest anyway.
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Definitely want to separate them for now until the new cat can be tested and seen by a vet. But on the other hand it seems like they are doing a great job with each other. The majority of all cats hiss and growl at first introduction and if they aren't even doing that much anymore, you are fine.
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thanks guys for your wonderful advice!

Well its Day 3 and Kairi is wonderful! no word from any owners yet. I am not too worried about diseases, and its been a long time since i've had a kitten so it may just be me, but she does sleep alot, and pee alot, and she only poops twice a day and its always runny (sorry if its TMI for some). She also has decided that one of them belongs in the shower. We are already cleaning the litter box 3 times a day at least.

We are going to worm her but are worried she may be too young, my guess is that she is somewhere better 4-6months old.

Sable is being a sourpuss, she still doesnt like Kairi that much but she doesn't attack her, just spies on her and growls and hisses a little if she comes too close. She will sometimes allow herself to be in the same room as Kairi. She isn't angry at us and tries too attack us when we giver her attention, which is alot of attention. Now however she refuses to eat her dinner.
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You can deworm her.
She is old enough.

You want to let her go soon.
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Be sure and give Sable LOTS and LOTS of time alone with you, lots of healthy treats (including play with a favorite toy, sleeping on the bed with you, or whatever is *special* for you two). Focus on reassuring Sable that NO MATTER WHAT you love her and she is special.

I would keep looking for her owners or for a placement, and sort of feel out whether your landlord might even help with finding a new owner for Kairi -- you probably ought to make it clear that you do not INTENTIONALLY mean to have more cats than you originally agreed to, you're doing your best to do right by Kairi AND by the property owner.

I am in the US and admittedly I don't know the "landscape" elsewhere - you should look around for kindly placement options for Kairi in your particular neighborhood, and see whether if no former owner appears, there are any places that would be able to help you with her foster care in the long term, or even take over and find her a new home, themselves. You become more and more personally attached to a cat, the longer you care for it (as all of us here already know!!). For you and Sable and Kairi, the danger is that you'll decide you can't part with Kairi, and you will need to start looking for housing that will allow you to keep all of your pets. Not that that is a BAD thing, just that it is something we need to think about seriously and consider whether we can and will commit to the cats, no matter what the costs or difficulties.

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