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This is a post i should have made earlier, but like i said before this weekend was a very busy one for us. But i must now introduce our new family member, Roxi! My bf's brother worked with the former owner who decided he had no time for the puppies and had to find homes for them imediatly. He had two momma dogs with puppies and once i saw Roxi's face i fell in love and it seams she did as well. She follows me everywhere and even showers with me! Roxi is a two month old (born jan 26, 2008) Bassett hound/boxer mix. She is very sweet and loving with a MAJOR attitude. Her downfall though is that she is very agressive to the other dogs, she starts fights if she is allowed to eat near the others, and has her favorite place in the yard to lay in the grass and if any other animal even walks across that spot she attacks them. She however will eat with the cats and plays with them constently.

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Wow, what a mix! She is absolutely adorable
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What a sweetie!! I dont see boxer though....I thought she looked like a pure basset!!
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Eating her foot. Work hard with her on training & acceptance of other animals now....that is something you can work with her on!
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Roxi is such an adorable pup!! She has beautiful coloring
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Shes got big Paws.. which means Big Dog!!
She is adorable!! I want to steal her!!

Nah... she doesn't look Pure Basset but the Basset does seem more prominent than the Boxer.

2 Mama Dogs why were there 2 litters of Pups??
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
2 Mama Dogs why were there 2 litters of Pups??
My guess is that someone wasn't being a responsible owner. If the guy had no time for puppies he should have had his dogs spayed.

I agree, better get to work with her now. Call local vets and ask if they know anyone that teaches dog obedience. I know there are several in the city, but I'm sure that's too far of a trip to do regularly.
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Awww, what a cutie!!! Congrats!
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Congratulations! You have a real cutie pie there!
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What a cutie! Must be a delicious foot!
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