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Update of Bella's kittens

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Bella's kitten are 12 days old. All their eyes are open and look healthy and clear. They all are developing little personalities now....we have a "cry baby", a real affectionate one and a little fiesty spunky one. I am so confused...I want to keep them all. I am so in love with all 3 of them. My husband said that we can keep just one. How would I pick? Originally I wanted to keep the tabby...but now I don't know. For those of you who kept kept kittens from litters what were the factors that helped you choose the kitten? I feel like I am being so unfair to pick one over the other. I do know for a fact that I want the two I don't choose to go as a pair. Unfortunately the original homes that I thought I had for them are not going to work out. I know I will thoroughly screen the new family but what are some of the best ways to go about finding homes. I was thinking maybe the vet will give me some good ideas. I just want to insure forever homes....I am so attached I can't stand the thought of not keeping all of them. At least I still have 10 more weeks with them!!!
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Well when I have picked kittens from litters in the past (not my litters) I have picked colors I have liked or personalities. Kittens I have gotten in the past have had the best personalities. When I went to get Sophie and Olive from their litter the whole family was living outside and the kittens were scared and semi-feral. I picked the two that didn't run from me. I'm sure you wont have that problem though. I might be keeping one from one of my two litters and all I know is it will be a boy.
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I have always chosen kittens that loved to be cuddled, even when I was a stranger to them. I don't always go by color, that's just the secondary option if I can't choose between them. I also look for a cat that purrs for me as that is something that is important to me when they're small.

Since you are raising them from birth in your home, it shouldn't be as hard to choose because you aren't on a time limit in someone's house, etc. I like to spend at least an hour at the person's house just to get a feel for the owners and the other cats in the house. Mostly, I have seen pictures of the kittens prior to my visit so I know what they look like at least.

If it were me, out of your litter I would pick the real affectionate one...I love lap cats and ones that sleep in my bed with me

Have fun with the babies

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I'm having the same issue with Pennie's babies. There are 5, though, and my husband can't imagine letting any of them go. I'm the heavy here. I just don't want to have 6 cats. If they stayed the way they are now, I'd say, "let's keep them!" But, the daddy was big, and if they get his size, I'm going to have 5 big cats! At this point, I'd like to keep 2, but how in the world do I choose? I have kids, and they've chosen favorites. But, look at these faces!

Ah, maybe I'll just keep them all!
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It is really hard to pick one. With this most recent litter, before they were even born I told John that if she had a red and white tabby that was a boy, and if it looked anything like my RB kitty Woody that I would be keeping the kitten. He agreed, and I was lucky enough that the kitten I had been wanting for so long was the first born kitten! John picked his kitten to keep based on looks as well, he picked him the first day. But I couldn't be happier with our decisions, both kittens have the exact personalities that we love.

Last year, we kept a few foster kittens as well. We picked those based on their personalities.
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I am also going through the agony of knowing that some of my babies will leave me! I have chosen the two tricolors (calico & tortie/white) just because I am partial to the tricolor look. I know my kittens are developing great personalities and I know I would be thrilled with any or all of them. My mom said she will take one, I am keeping two, so I will have to let go of three of my babies!
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