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Sweet Ivy

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Our Ivy...sweet little buglet that came to us as a youngster, you became such a part of your new daddy's heart, with your beard grooming, the way you'd put your paws on either side of his face to hold him still...the way you wouldn't quarrel no matter how mad any other cat you'd lean into them, moof them, headbump them until they realized you weren't fighting back but loving on them.

Your sweet little meow, the rolling silly slap fights you'd have with Rachel, who became so close you were like sisters (sissy-poos as we called you both). You gave her the friendship she needed to really blossum into the wonderful Rachel she now is.

You were graceful, gentle, a force in a tiny body...firmly the peacemaker
you had a strong will for all your softness.

When we found out you were ill, I realized how the years had flown..there was NO way I saw you as a 12 year old, to me, you were still 4 at most.

I am glad you napped in the sun today, on the windowsill like you loved to do, glad you moofed me as I washed your bottom up (I know grooming there hurt your tummy) and combed your fur. You knew I loved you, but most of all, you knew your daddy adored you.

He cried for you sweet one, and I pray that you and Frankie will keep watch over him, as the in fur that you now are. Please seek out and find Frankie, give her a wrestling hug and cheek rub and tell her we love you both so much, you are forever in our hearts.

Thank you for all the love you gave,
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what a lovely tribute! to you, & a for Ivy, who really is like a 4 year old once more!
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That is a Nice Tribute. So sorry about Ivy.
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A lovely tribute, Pat. I'm so sorry it came to this, but your sweetie is healthy and happy again, and will watch over her beloved family.

RIP sweet Ivy
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Thanks guys. Rachel is peeping and looking at me, I have to wonder if she's realizing Ivy didn't go to the v-e-t, but is gone.
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I'm so sorry Pat. I will say a prayer for sweet Ivy's little soul, and a prayer for you and your husband to find comfort during this difficult time.
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I am so sorry your words are beautiful and made me cry for your sweet Ivy Rest in peace sweet angel
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what a beautiful tribute for your precious ivy. RIP little one, watch over your family.
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That was a lovely tribute tou your little girl Pat, and i'm so sorry

A swift and safe crossing across Rainbow Bridge Ivy

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(((Pat))) RIP sweet're young and healthy again
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Thank you for sharing such a lovely tribute to your precious girl. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Ivy.
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Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Ivy
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope that Ivy and Frankie Jean are now together, two darling angels watching over you.

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That tribute to Ivy was beautiful Rest in Peace Sweet Ivy Make many furry friends over the rainbow bridge little darling...
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What a lovely tribute!!

I am so sorry about Ivy.
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Oh, I`m so sorry.

Rest In Peace Ivy
Frankie Jean will look after you, sweetie
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Your tribute to Ivy was love itself Pat.
Always in your heart...Ivy
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RIP Ivy...

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Pat. May she RIP.
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hugs to you Pat, Play Happily Ivy.
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Thank you for sharing your sweet Ivy with us, Pat. She's a beautiful, gentle soul. My heart goes out to both of you, her loved people, and her loved fur-family too.

Play happily at the Bridge, Ivy. Play with your family who have gone before, as you all watch your family here.
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That is beautiful! So sorry avout Ivy!
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That is beautiful! So sorry aBout Ivy!
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I am soo sorry for your loss hon
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