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I'm anxious

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I have my 2 fur babies....love them so much!! Here's my situation......my 7 year old has always been an indoor outdoor cat. My 4 year old has only been out with me on a harness. Last July I stopped letting both of them out because of all the problems that can happen (fleas, cars, other animals, etc.).

Okay spring is here and summer is around the corner. I do not and will not let them out. How do I enjoy the use of my deck, seeing them sitting at the sliding glass door wanting to be with me outside? I am feeling guilty and anxious about it.

Thanks for whatever words you casn share with me.
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Why can't your furbabies be allowed out on a harness? That seemed like a good solution, although fleas may still be a possible problem doesn't the use of a harness decrease other dangers like cars and other animals?

Could always screen in the deck - put furbabies in another room???
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Get a cat enclosure out there with you - there are ones like big mosquito netting boxes and/or tunnels of all sizes and shapes. Some do open up straight from inside your house, but I guess if you Google 'Cat Enclosures" you'll see all the different ones.
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I hear ya....but only my younger one has been trained on a harness. My older fur baby has never been on a leash or harness.....
I have a very large deck and can't enclose it. I prefer to keep them in anyway....after all the info I have read, indoor cats are healthier and safer. There are even shelters that won't let you adopt a cat unless you sign a paper that says the cat will not be let outdoors. I know that many people do not let their cats out and I just want to know how you keep them happy inside in the warm months.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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You can enjoy your deck with them indoors. Just keep thinking about the fact that you are keeping them safe by keeping them inside. Perhaps open a window so they can sniff out the screen?
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