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Felidae Foods???

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I've gone to Felidae's webpage to try to find a store that carries their brand. But the store locator link on the site does not work. I've also tried using my web browser to find stores that carry it, but I've had no luck.

Can anyone tell me what chains may carry it? Or how else I might locate a store that carries it?


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Hmm... A lot of good petstores would have it, normally individual one of a kind companies, or a health food store.
The one here called Your Companion Animal Country store has it.

The only other way I can think of.

Is to go www.yahoo.com go to their yellow pages directory, enter the name of the city and state you live in, and do a search for pet food stores or pet food supplies. And I normally will go to a store with in a 10 mile radius, it gives you matches by what stores are closest to you first, and then you just have to call each one of them individually and ask if they sell it and HOW MUCh adn in what size bags. Some stores really try to rip you off on the price. I buy a 15lb of Solid Gold for $22.00something. Another place down the street sells it for $27.00
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Jenk - I also had a problem when I wanted to have Spike try Felidae. No where around here sold it at the time, although now Pet Supply Plus does. Anyway, I had it shipped in through www.petfooddirect.com . My only problem was that Spike didn't like it, so I had this bag of food that cost an arm and a leg because of the shipping and nothing to do with it. Even the one little stray kitty that stops by my house now and then wouldn't eat it.
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What about sending them an email and asking if the food is available in your area? They might even have a toll free # listed on the website that you could call. There is only one store around here that sells it and its just a small non-chain feed store. Your best bet would be to check small non-chain feed stores or health food stores (as someone mentioned above)
Good luck.
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Thank you for the suggestion; I will try searching that way. There is a pet food store several miles from me that supposedly carries Solid Gold. That being the case, I'm going to call and see if they carry other higher-end brands.


You've listed my #1 fear: buying a fairly pricey product only to find out that Simon won't eat it. Of course, Felidae's website lists grandly-worded testimonials that make me really want to buy at least a small bag for Simon. Assuming that the testimonials are all true (not doctored in any way), they are quite impressive, especially the last one coming from a female Reverend who seems to really love and care for her cats.

I am, however, very impressed with petfooddirect's website. Should I be unable to find Felidae (or other good cat food brands) locally, I will go the online route.


Your suggestion is so common sense, I'm now feeling rather foolish for not having thought of it myself. I will try that, too.

Thanks so much, Guys!

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Originally posted by Jenk
You've listed my #1 fear: buying a fairly pricey product only to find out that Simon won't eat it.
If your going to send them an email, why don't you ask if they will send you a sample at the same time? It can't hurt to ask!
Nakita seems to be really picky when it comes to wet food. So I have gone through quite a few cans with her sticking her nose up at it!

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That's a very good idea. I wonder if they will send me a sample of Felidea. I'm thinking of changing my cats diet to that next month and keep them on it for 4-5 months and then switch them back to SG, and around and around it goes.
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My cats like felidae and I found it at the Feed store they have it with the other foods they sell and for the huge bag it was only 19.95. I also give my cats wellness and I asked them to order it special. If a store doesnt carry it they will order it if you ask sometimes. That way you dont pay for shipping.
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I know Pet Food Express carries them. You may want to look in the phone book and look for "organic" pet supply stores.

best of luck!
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