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UPDATE - Rehoming 12 year old Persian

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Some of you may remember I posted a thread awhile back about an old high school friend's sister who emailed me asking if I could help her rehome her 12 year old persian. Here's the original thread for anyone interested.....


Near the end of March, I got an email from a lady as a result of a plea for help that I sent to Kathleen who volunteers with Lafayette Animal Aid. This lady, Kay, wanted Fantasia. She told me that if it did not work out, (she has 2 other cats) that the shelter would adopt her, but she would foster her at her home unitl a permanent home could be found. She said she didn't want to put Fantasia in a shelter. I forwarded her email to Wanda and until today, I had heard nothing. This is what I got from Wanda today.....

Hi Sophie! I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I met Kay and she has Fanny on a trial basis to see how she does at her home. So far things are going well. Thanks for your help!

Sounds like good news so far!!!!

These are the pictures that Wanda sent me of Fantasia....

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That is wonderful news. I hope Fantasia settles right in with everyone
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Wonderful news!! Sending vibes that Fantasia has found her new forever home
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That is Great. I hope it works out.
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Excellent news

What a fluffy thing she is!!!
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Yay! Praying the trial run works well and Fanny will have a forever home.
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I hope things are working out well for Fantasia. She's such a pretty girl!

Any updates?
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Oh my....Fantasia looks almost like my mom's cat Duchess. If you click on her thumbnail, you can see the similar resemblance. She is a beauty and if you were closer, I would have taken her in a heatbeat. I'm glad that things are working out.
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