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Can cats have seasonal allergies?

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Since the weather has started warming up, Bogie has been a little sneezy. I know he already has regular allergies to dust and the like, but is it possible for him to have seasonal allergies as well?

P.S. He was just at the vet last week and is very healthy minus the existing allergies.
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Good Question...Can't wait to see the responses myself.... My kitties have been sneezing quite a bit too..
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Just like us, pets can also have seasonal allergies. This website has a wonderful article written up about this subject-

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Definitely yes, my sister has 2 himalayans that she has to deal with allergies for. I used to have 2 doggies that suffered from allergies a couple years, then they were ok. Funny how much these furry little creatures can have the same problems as us humans! :tounge2:
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Yes, one of our strays Timmy developed them later in life during the spring mostly, he was so miserable!
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Original Poster, where are you? I'm in New York, and my cats are both sneezing like mad.
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I'm up in Massachusetts.
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A good allergy med for cats is Zyrtec. It is a human antihistamine but also works well for cats with severe allergies or even seasonal allergies. I would probably only mention it to your vet for more severe allergies because most vets have to write a prescription to a human pharmacy being a human med. The average dosage for a cat is 1 pill every other day.
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Just a caution- please do not use any human medication for your cats UNLESS your vet tells you to and tells you what the dosage should be.
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Kitty used to scratch her face in the spring to the point where she was losing fur in the spring. took her in and the vet gave her a shot after saying it was some type of allergy. he said if it continued to be a problem we could test for what kind of allergies she had, but it seems like whatever caused it doesn't bother her anymore. haven't had this problem the past couple of years.
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