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Happy Birthday!!!!!!

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Today is the birthday of 3 members of our family

My Grandma would have been 80 years old today, but unfortunatly she died on January 2nd due to Alzheimers. We just got home from putting her favorite flowers (red roses and lilacs) on her grave.

Last year her birthday was on Easter Sunday. This is special because she was born on Easter Sunday. Every year when she recieved a new calander, she would check to see if her birthday would fall on Easter again. Every year she was disappointed. Last year when my sister, TheZooKeeper, and I found out that her birthday would be on Easter again we diecided to throw her a "1st Birthday Party " since it would be the first time her birthday fell on Easter since the day she was born.

We had ALOT of fun planning it. We went to different party stores to buy
"1st Birthday" decorations to decorate her nursing home room. The banner we got hung in her room untill the day she died. We even had an Easter Egg Hunt for her and our 2 nieces. It was ALOT of fun!!!!!

Among her gifts was a picture we found of her when she was a year old. Then we took a picture of her and put both pictures in a frame that says "Then and Now". Since she died, that picture frame sits in a special place near the enterance of our house. This is so that it is the first thing you see when you come in and the last thing you see when you leave.

It is also the birhtdays of 2 of our "Critters". Koda, one of our cockatiels, is 4, and Ripley, one of our cats, is the big 1 today!!!!!!!!!!! We actually dont REALLY know the ACTUALL birthdays of any of our 4 "Critters", but we know approxamatly how old they were when we apopted them, so we try make their birthdays coincide with birthdays of people who are close to us. This makes it easier for us to remember. It is also fun to share a birthday with someone else. I know this because TheZooKeeper and I are twins. We love sharing our birthday together.

Unfortunatly, today isnt really a good birthday for any of them. Grandma is "home" (well I guess she is haveing a good birthday since she is "home", but my grandpa is sad since she is not here). Since we had some new tile put in the house yesterday and today (we wanted to protect them from the fumes and open doors that could harm them), Ripley is spending her 1st birthday in the garage and Koda is spending her birthday at my mom's house. But dont worry, we spent extra speciall time with both Cali and Ripley, and we called Koda to wish her a Happy Birthday.

The other "Critters" will have their bithdays soon (hopefully they will have better bithdays). Cali, our other cat, will turn 1 on June 3rd, the date of one of our nieces birthday (she will be 5).

Kodi, our other cockatiel, will be 4 on June 28th, the same day as my grandpa, who will be 80.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY G-ma, Koda and Ripley!!!!! We love you all!!!!!
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Happy Birthday to all of them. What a sweet thing you did for your Grandma
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Happy Birthday to all of them!!
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday G-ma, Koda and Ripley!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Happy Birthday to all of them!
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