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Rumpleteaser, Georgey!......

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you little monsters!!!
somebody has mdae bright blue dye splashes up the nice white wall!
i will be getting pictures in a little while!, but i have caught teaser splashing in the puddle and the dye has made her feet bright blue, this stuff stains bad!
so dont know how many baths till thats out!
and georgeys big white sock on his back leg i now blue!
as far as ive figured, i had just used methelyne blue(die based fish tank treatment), and left my tank lid off for a briefe second whilst i cleaned the net....
come back and george must have not noticed the lid not on and jumped landing back legs first in the blue tank water
teaser found the puddle on the floor and found it fun too play in
so i can bath teaser as shes fine with baths... but george is faaaaaaar too timid too get near no matter bath!, i can reassure you this stuff wont damage the cats.......... and looks kind of cute
but anyway thought id share the stupid thing of the day!
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hee hee sorry mods!
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Thats great!!! When I moved into my first house I was painting the back door white and tigger sat on the paint lid and tracked white paw prints through the whole house on the furniture and across the carpet...It took forever to get up and 3 baths to get off him and he was my first priority I still have some sheets with white on them and my couch has a nice print of tiggers rear end!
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Sorry that you will have to go through so much trouble to get the blue out, but what an amusing story
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Well, the cats aren't to blame here.
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lol i realise just how much like children they are now you turn your eyes for 2 seconds and kablamo a mess!
as we speak teaser is attacking the watch daddy left on the bed
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Reminds me of a batch of Himalayan babies who were almost 8 weeks old when we were remodeling our kitchen many years ago.......ever see kittens who are seal points with wee spots of brown stain on the tops of their fuzzy lil' heads? We had to trim the tip top of their fur off right on top of their heads!
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