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Care after anesthesia

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Stan is having his dental cleaning (and possibly some tooth extraction) today. Any pointers you could give me caring for a kitty who's been put under? I have to admit, he was already neutered when I got him, so I've never had to deal with this before.

He was dropped off this morning at 7AM and I'm supposed to call at 2 to see when he can come home. I like my vet's office, but the amount of guidance you get is hit or miss depending on whether or not you get the vet or one of the techs.

Do I feed him just a little? How long is too long to be groggy? Am I just a worrywart Can't help it, I'm smitten with the little guy
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I'd just watch him. Since it is a dental, I'm assuming regular anesthesia will be used. In that case, he'll likely be groggy. Make sure he's eating, drinking, using the LB. If he has extractions his mouth will (obviously) be sore, so go heavy on canned food for a little while.
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I was a newbie to this area too, until Dante needed his teeth cleaned. My vet's office talked to me and gave me a sheet of post-care instructions, and I still ended up calling when I got home. I thought groggy meant Dante would just sort of be really sleepy the rest of the day and evening. I didn't realize it could also mean walking like a drunken sailor! My poor guy kept trying to walk around the condo and falling over. Of course I panicked and called the vet - turns out it's normal and I'd say within an hour Dante was walking all better. But I swear he never went back to sleep the whole afternoon!

However, my boy didn't care for the whole situation - he's usually my love bug, but he was hissing and snapped at me once when he ran out the door into the hallway and I had to pick him up to bring him back (so much for groggy!). By 12 hours post cleaning, he was back to his totally sweet self, so don't freak if there's a temporary change in personality.

Get instructions about when you can give him water and food. Mine was a stop all at midnight prior to the mroning of his dental work, and I wasn't supposed to offer food or water til 6:00 am the following morning. They worry about aspiration. And, I admit I had my vet's phone number, his home number, and the E-vets number posted on my fridge and on my cell phone - and that was just for a cleaning!

Good luck - I know you'll be nervous til it's all over.
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Thanks! Good thing he loves his wet food. I'm hoping they'll give me some kind of instructions.

I am a worrywart, but I know he needed this. He has already lost a few teeth (he's not even 2 yet!) and I noticed he was doing someting odd with his jaw the past couple of days. I won't be surprised if he ends up "Toothless Stan" eventually.
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I suppose it all depends on the cautiousness of your vet, but at ours we are also told not to feed or water them until the day after the surgery. I know others say you can as long as you watch them.

And yeah - personality change! My boys were totally different the day after they went under, but by the evening, they were fine.

Good luck!
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Yeah, my vet was definitely - no food, no water. I've got to admit, around 3:30 am, my boy was so sadly meowing at me I did get up and give him a little wet food - and stayed up with him for another few hours to make sure nothing happend. Oh, us mommies and daddies, what wusses we can be.

I hope Stan does well, and you're such a good meowmy to try and give him the best dental health possible. And, it's not like we wanted to spend the money on anything else, right?
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My vet's recommendations depend on the situation. If the animal is doing okay, they usually say to start with water and see how they do. If that's fine, try a small amount of food. However, my dog who got spayed today has been puking non-stop, so she won't be getting anything until at least tomorrow. Good luck with your baby!
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Thanks to everyone for your advice and good wishes for Stan.

He came out with flying colors!!! Turns out they didn't have to do any extractions and by 5PM my little guy was in the car with me going home. They told me start with water and that I could give him a small amount of wet food if he kept down the water.

Aside from some wobbly legs right out of the carrier, he was pretty good (he did smell funny, but Bella gave him some help grooming I was very proud of her because usually she is more likely to whack him )

He ate a little bit last night and a regular soft breakfast this morning. He kept his food down, Bella puked twice (and I know it was her because I saw it ). Used the litterbox fine although his wobbly legs did make him a little more messy than usual. Nothing a little nature's miracle can't help.
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Glad all went well for Stan I hate to see them all wobbly and loopy from anesthesia
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