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Kitty TV

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I live in a building over looking a river. At one time it was popular with nesting ducks, but a couple years ago there was a territorial war between the Mallard Ducks and the Canada Geese. The geese won.

The weather has been warming up and geese have started to arrive. My building is a high rise and I'm on the second to last floor. Not long ago a flock of geese flew right by the window making one heck of a noise. Poor Abby was beside herself trying to see them. She ran to the window and by the time she got there they were already past. Poor thing had to settle for just hearing them honking down the river!
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lol thats way too funny...
I have a 2 storey house..that pigeons land on...
if they are sitting on the eaves...in the back..the kitties try climbing up the 2nd floor windows..to grab at the claws they see...
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My living and dining rooms are sort of a big 'L', with patio and french doors on the one long side. Recently, we've seen bunnies, robins, I think a chimpmunk or three, and the odd visiting cat. My kitties won't even sleep with me anymore because kitty TV is much more exciting.
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Mine were like that when it snowed here the other day...all sat by the window watching it fall in huge flakes.
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