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Product review

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I have just finished my first pint of Godiva's new ice cream flavor - Chocolate with Chocolate Hearts.

While not as rich as the Belgian Dark Chocolate, this is a very satisfying ice cream and should passify the most irredeemable chocoholic. The ice cream is rich and creamy and the little dark chocolate hearts, liberally scattered throughout, make this a comfort food, of the first order.

This chocoholic gives Godiva's Chocolate with Chocolate Hearts ice cream 4 (out of a possible 5) scoops.:icecream:
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Sounds great Kat. Godiva's chocolate and other products are not available where I live. I do subscribe to the Godiva Newsletter though, just to drool. Probably a good thing I cant get them though. Sounds very decadent. Yummmmmmmm
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i go nuts over Godiva's truffles and Godiva's freshstrawberries dipped in dark chocolate...!!

Gotta have some at least ONCE a month!!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:


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cindy - that sounds fabulous. i'll have to check it out. i love godiva's chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. they carry it in almost all the grocery stores around here.
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I want some of that ice cream! It sounds sooooo good!!!!
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I'm a big ice cream person, but I've never tried Godiva ice cream. That chocolate with dark choc hearts sounds delicious! I love dark chocolate! Mmmm, I'm seriously going to get some tonight. Stay home, rent a movie, and eat some ice cream!
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Oh that sounds yummy!

Shwanns has a Confetti Cake ice cream that is also just delicious!!!
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I"m sure it is wonderful, but it has to be turely amazing for me to brave what chocolate does to me.


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That might be a bit too rich for me. When I get in a chocolate mood, I like Starbuck's mud pie, or Bryer's chocolate rainbow.
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Sunni Jean, the Belgian Dark Chocolate gets 5 scoops. Haagen-Daz has chocolate ice cream bars, dipped in dark chocolate. They're wonderful, too!
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mmm I love chocolate.. I've been an avid ben and jerry's eater for years but never found anything really chocolatey enuff.. maybe i should venture over to godiva...

my fi hates chocolate.. have you ever heard of such a thing?!?
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Yup, Anna, I actually know 2 people who hate chocolate. My supervisor at work and my sister. I am not much of a sweets person myself because Mom always had desserts and ice cream around the house and both my sister and I got burned out on sweets. My sister is rabid about it though!

The best thing about Godiva ice cream is that it is so rich it lasts a long time for the little container it comes it. I can stretch Ben & Jerry's to about 3 sittings (I get it very rarely, so it goes really fast!), but Godiva goes much further. I may have to check out this new flavor!
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Anyone, who doesn't like chocolate, is obviously in need of professional help. But, then again, that leaves more for me!
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kat8le - I've had more than my share of those Haagen-Daz bars!! But wow - Godiva has a dark chocolate ice cream??? OMG it sounds like heaven! Literally a minute ago before I logged onto TCS I said sweetly to my boyfriend "why don't you run down to the corner store and get us some ice cream since we're staying in tonight" but unfortunately he said "we just bought girl scout cookies today so we don't need ice cream"!! Shoot, I swear I normally try to eat healthy!
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I love chocolate, ice cream and chocolate ice cream...

I'm on a health spree right now. Sipping green tea after spending the morning in the gym but I never refuse chocolate or ice cream. We don't get Godiva here but there's a local ice cream shop that carries my favorite flavour - dark chocolate with raisins and rum - yummy!!!

My best chocolate ice cream experience - sitting in the Haagen Daaz caffe at London's Leiceter Square and ordering their Chocoholic! Heaven on earth! You don't want to know how many times I did it
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