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You guys have to watch this! ROTFL!

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I am still laughing from it! It is a bit long, but well worth the wait...look familiar anyone????
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that was wonderful!!! I love it that it was a guy in it.

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OMG, that is hilarious! How did you find it? I am going to bookmark it and send it to my cat-owning friends and family.

Those with slower modems be warned--it may take awhile to load (thank goodness I have cable). But lemmie tell you, it's worth the wait!
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Oh, how adorable! That reminds me SO much of my cat. When she gives me that look, I jump! The message in her eyes is clear... "I just want you to know that I need/want/demand something. It could be anything under the sun. In fact, it's probably not something you'll ever be able to do/get. I'm not going tell you what it is, or give a hint. You have five minutes to figure out what I want/need/demand, and if you fail to do so... well. {{purr}}..."
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LOVE IT Love It love it!!!!

Thanks so much, Hissy. How did you find it? Does the guy do others?

Hope everyone gets to see it!!!
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Speaking from the point of view of someone who just gave up cable for dial-up, the download time wasn't too bad......

So funny!
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Thanks! That was very nice. Hubby's getting ready to leave but we both sat through this one and had a good laugh!

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That was to funny! I can't waite to show my hubby when he gets home!
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This was great! Reminds me of my cat, Mister. He's just like this!

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I just had to share it, it was too funny!
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OMG! That was about the most hilarious (and so true) cat funny I've seen in a while. I've got to share this with friends. Thanks for sharing that. I LOLOL'd the entire time it palyed, thinking: YEP....YEP...been there....done that! Especially the bathroom and food thing and trying to reach for something on the coffee table w/o disturbing a furballs lap nap.
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That is sooooo seriously funny - and OMG sooooo true........
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You always find awesome stuff Hissy!
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Hi everyone, Im a brand new user but have been enjoying your site for a few weeks now!! The first thing I did was sign the petition for little Max!! I have been visiting ever since!
I own (or rather am owned by) 5 furry babies, 3 moggies,(1 fat, 1 sulky, 1 physco!) a chocolate point Birman (4 months old and thinks shes the boss) and a black Cornish Rex (who has a thing for headbutting people) - Thankfully the five all get on (good job too or fur would be flying!)
Anyway, just thought Id introduce myself - and I loved the animation Hissy! Sooooo true!

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Oh my! My sides hurt I laughed so hard! Thank you so much for sharing! I will be sending the link so my mom and a few of her cat lover friends!
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Brand new to site. So funny, been there.
17 yr old Salem has stayed with me for 12 years. 10 wk old Smoky been here 3 weeks. My roommate (and 19 yr old niece) cat. Salem does not like Smoky and Smoky likes to try to play with her sometimes. Salem just moved here with me from FL to TN. Had her in a cage but when she complained too much I let her sleep on the seat beside me. She didn't try to get out. She was well behaved. I got Smoky for my niece. This is the best kitten. She loves us both. Sleeps with me but stays with her when shes home. Smoky's favorite "toy" is her tail, she likes loose paper wads and thick rubber bands (and fingers and toes)
Love the site. Will visit often.
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How cute! Glad to have you with us! , Make sure you go and introduce yourself in the Cat Lounge (if you have'nt already!) - thats where most of us can be found!! You'll get plenty more welcomes!! Look forward to hearing some more of your tales around the forums!

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Been to the Lounge. Reading all the threads I can when, Smoky lets me. Learning new stuff about em too.
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Good Good, feel free to explore!! Check out all the forums, theres always something to be found in them!

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That was so cute! I laughed through the whole thing.
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Did anyone besides me find it funny that this was titled Lap Dance?
Considering some of the threads KittyFoot,MeowMan, and Deb have started lately, the title tickled my funnybone! :laughing2:

Hissy, are you SURE you got this in your e-mail, or were you surfing?

Either way, it was very funny, and so true!

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I am sitting here, home, alone laughing till it hurts. This animation is soooooo true. I only wish I had someone right here to share it with. Will email it to everyone!
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Made my Day!!!!! This was great...
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