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does anyone else have a clumsy cat?

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My cat, Oscar, is very clumsy and it cracks me up! I know people might tell me it's a sign of poisoning or something but we've had him for a year, he's been to the vets in that time and nothing has ever been noticed. He's just clumsy! He falls off the couch, if he's sitting on my knee, he'll roll off, he falls off fences, he jumps at the fish tank and bangs his head EVERY TIME!!
It's so cute, I could just eat him with marshmallows whenever he does something so un-cat like. I thought cats were meant to be graceful? He likes to be with me most of the time, whenever I go upstairs he comes with me but of course he doesn't like ME to know that he's following me. So, if I'm going back downstairs, he'll sit and wait at the top. Then I'll get halfway down and I'll hear this almighty thump and he's charging down the stairs like a bat out of hell, overtaking me and nearly knocking me over, whilst his back legs overtake his front legs and he misses knocking himself unconscious on the front door by about a millimetre.

Anyone else got a clumsy kitty?
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oh yes! just last night milo and shinobi were playing cops and robbers and whilst shinobi managed to corner the stairs and race up them, sergeant milo jumped and went smack into the banisters! he picked himself up and continued the chase though!
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One morning, my RB Siamese cross Taffy heard a bird and went sprinting from my bedroom to the living room, leaped up to the top of the couch (best vantage point for bird watching) but misjudged the distance and hit her head on the window, fell behind the couch, and ran out of the room. A couple minutes later, she repeated the same performance but didn't hit her head on the window.

Her foster brother Miles (RB) did something similar when my parents were having central air installed. He was standing on my parents' bathroom sink and a noise startled him, so he jumped down but misjudged the distance and fell in the toilet.
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LOL! I forgot about that - Oscar's fallen down the loo not once but TWICE. He fell in, then got straight in the bath, there were muddy paw prints everywhere! (only mud - he'd been in the garden!) Honestly. I thought they were supposed to have more coordination than people!
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I suppose you could call Jack clumsy... but my friends and I have decided that its more like a lack of concern or planning. He rolls off anything he naps on eventually, he does it when he plays as well but will attack the toy the entire fall.

If he wants you to hold him and you are standing he tries to jump to your shoulder, it doesn't matter that he doesn't really have kitty like vertical abilities . He will even size up the distance decide he can't make it and leap anyway. He fully expects you will catch him and that nothing bad can happen.

I keep the toilet lids all closed because we have also had that experience.

I keep joking that we need to get him a crash helment and pads.
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We have a long haired Maine Coon cross kitten in rescue right now who is clumsy. Scamper has a brick in his butt!! Can't jump to save his life. So he jumps and misses, poor baby. He is trying desperately to keep up with some Siameezey mix black kittens we have there too. While the meezeys are like - zoomzoom zooooooom. He's thumpita,thumpita.... when he runs.... I think it's his short stumpy legs!! And waddly shape! The black kittens are sleeeeeek!

It's sooooo cute, tho!
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My Easy is a clumsy little girl. An example: she will jump from the arm of the sofa to the bar, but miss the bar enitrely, landing on the floor, looking around at where the bar went Poor little sweetpea, shes been like that since she moved in. I use to worry about her, but as long as she doesnt get hurt, I just crack up laughing at her. I could eat her with marshmallows, too
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Originally Posted by lunacy95 View Post
I keep the toilet lids all closed because we have also had that experience.
that would be bad!
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Riley is pretty coordinated most of the time, but he does fall off his cat tree once or twice a week

He gets excited watching birds outside the window and forgets where he is.
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Awww. Cute clumsy kitties!

Nova rolls right off of furniture. Sometimes when it happens, she hides.

Do you think they feel something like embarrassed when they fall?
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